About Us

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Hi there! I’m James. Along with Anita, we’ve put together this site to help you find answers to many sought-after home-related questions. My background is business management & related while Anita has great experience both in marketing and as a home decor/home project lover.

The name “Home Upward” came to me when I realized how easy it is to improve your home more and more IF you’ve got good information. It’s a great feeling when your project is complete or another part of your life is more enjoyable, right?

How I came up with the idea for my site

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An example of the kind of topics we love to help with: “How to put up garage shelves on the cheap.” There are a TON of questions out there, and MILLIONS of people looking for answers. I hope Home Upward can help you find answers!

I found myself searching for answers to many questions for home topics. I’m also a guy who’s into projects at home and I ran into problems when looking for answers fairly often.

Sadly, it turns out that the internet isn’t always a great source of help. Lots of topics are considered “not important enough” to the big websites out there. Even worse, some people put out lousy or even wrong info. Good grief!

It seemed to me like someone needed to start a good site to help others just like you and I find the answers we need.

It’s about what people are looking for help with

I sort through tons of questions & answers on the internet then use those as ideas for new articles to help you. I enjoy writing good articles – although it takes time & effort to do it right.

Together we work to help you take your home upward and make it better than ever.

Thanks for visiting and feel free to reach out if you have questions, topic ideas, or other things on your mind.

Have a great day!