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Hi there! I’m James. Although I’ve got a full-time career already, I’ve been an amateur writer for a number of years and became more and more interested in writing informative articles that require research.

I’m in business management (pretty much) in my professional career but growing up and during college I worked part-time doing maintenance and repair. You can read more about me here.

What is Home Upward about?

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An example of the kind of topics we love to help with: “How to put up garage shelves on the cheap.” There are a TON of questions out there, and MILLIONS of people looking for answers.

I’m the type of guy who’s into projects at home and I ran into problems when looking for answers to my home-related questions. Lots of topics are considered “not important enough” to the big websites out there. Even worse, some people put out lousy or even wrong info. Good grief!

It seemed to me like someone needed to start a good site to help others just like you and I find the answers we need.

Home Upward was created to help you:

  • Find answers to even the “tiniest” questions, like “What kind of detergent is safe in washing machines?”
  • Learning how to maintain or fix many things around your home.
  • Save money, reduce waste, and in general improve your quality of life at home for you and your family.

It’s hard to cover every topic out there, but along with my companion who’s also a writer, we do our best to help. You can find our contact info here if you have questions, topic ideas, or other things on your mind.

Have a great day!

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