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What is a mobile home?

A mobile home (also called a house trailer or just “trailer”) is a pre-made home structure that’s built on a chassis allowing it to be transported to a home site from the dealer or manufacturer’s location. They can be used for both temporary or permanent homes or general building purposes.

Since about 1976, mobile homes have been more correctly called manufactured homes as this category of housing is built on a chassis rather than a foundation as traditional or modular homes are. Manufactured homes can be built on a frame that may or may not have suspensions and wheels that allow pulling them in trailer fashion for relocation.

Many have a long rectangular shape, with standard width models having more interior space of “double wide” trailers which are larger. Triple wide mobile homes are available as well but are much less common.

General information

how long does a manufactured home last featured image

How Long Does A Manufactured Home Last?

Manufactured homes have some great advantages, but there are some differences in their value, how they’re build, and more. How long does a typical manufactured home last, and what else should you know?

Winter and summer articles

keeping a mobile home cool in the summer featured image

How To Keep A Mobile Home Cool In The Summer

Mobile homes are a great option for many people – but summertime definitely isn’t a lot of fun at times! Dealing with heat can be tough especially if you want to keep your power bills low.

how to keep pipes from freezing under a mobile home featured image

How To Keep Pipes From Freezing Under A Mobile Home

Preventing frozen pipes is important no matter what type of home you live in but especially mobile homes. In this article you’re learn some great tips and ideas to decrease the risk of pipes freezing in yours.