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What is electric light? 

Electric light is the formal name and category of electric lamps, commonly called light bulbs but this also includes other electrical devices designed to create light. In other words, artificial lighting (non-sunlight lighting) is powered by electricity, whether alternating current (AC) as found in homes or direct current (DC) supplied by batteries or power supplies.

Electric lights (light bulbs) fall into 3 main categories: incandescent filament lamps, gas discharge lamps such as halogen or xenon, and light-emitting diode (LED) lamps. Long ago lamps – and lighting devices – were powered by candles, gas, or oils until the age of widely distributed electrical power was available to homes. Electrical lighting then came into use as the term used to distinguish it from other types.

In modern times, while electric light sources are the most common, oil and other types of lamps are still in use for special use cases such as warmth and camping as they don’t require an electric power source.

Article categories

Light bulb color, color temperature, and light quality

what are full spectrum light bulbs featured image

What Are Full Spectrum Light Bulbs?

These days it’s easy to find some bulbs sold as “daylight temperature” or “daylight” color output. Guess what, however – that’s often not the same as a full spectrum bulb! What is a full-spectrum light bulb and how is it different from others?

what color led lights helps you sleep featured image

What Color LED Light Helps You Sleep?

Maybe you’re need a soft light to sleep well or just want to get the right “vibe” before drifting off to sleep. Inside you’ll learn the best colors for LED bulbs and all sorts of really interesting light bulb color facts!

Types of light bulbs

what is a uvb light bulb featured image

What Is a UVB Light Bulb?

There’s all kinds of light bulbs: full spectrum, UV, heat lamps (infrared), and many more types. But what makes UVB light bulbs different and what are they all about?

Replacement bulb topics

How to replace a halogen bulb with prong base featured image

How To Replace A Halogen Bulb With A Prong Base

Here’s an easy, step-by-step guide on how to replace a halogen light bulb with a prong base. I’ll also cover why you should consider keeping your halogen light bulbs instead of replacing them with LEDs.

How Do You Get A Broken Bulb Out Of The Socket

How Do You Get A Broken Bulb Out Of The Socket?

Having a light bulb break feels like a really frustrating – and worrisome – moment. I’m going to show you how to safely remove a broken bulb from its socket with little more than a potato. (But I’ll also explain what to do in case that doesn’t work too)

Light bulb socket repair and modification

How to convert a light bulb socket to an outlet featured image

How To Convert A Light Bulb Socket To An Outlet

Do you have a light fixture you rarely or never use, but need more outlets? In this article you’ll learn the basics of how to convert a light bulb socket to an outlet. I’ll share two simple ways you can.

Faulty light bulbs & troubleshooting

why did my lightbulb just explode featured image

Why Did My Lightbulb Just Explode?

Light bulbs aren’t perfect. While it’s true that most just “go bad” one day after you’ve used them for a long time, they can do something much worse. Here you’ll learn more about I mean plus why it can happen – and more helpful details, too.

Electric light safety

can i get electrocuted changing a light bulb featured image

Can I Get Electrocuted Changing A Light Bulb?

It’s one of the most common home maintenance tasks around – but is changing a light bulb dangerous? Can you be electrocuted when doing it? Read on for the hard facts (and how to stay safe).

Can a Burned Out Light Bulb Cause a Fire

Can A Burned Out Light Bulb Cause A Fire?

Yeah, it’s a great question – is it possible for a supposedly burned out and dead light bulb to start a fire? Keep reading 0 what you learn may surprise you!

are hot light bulbs dangerous featured image

Are Hot Light Bulbs Dangerous?

Yeah, they’re the new technology and they’re everywhere! But are LED bulbs plagued by heat like traditional bulb types? And are they a potential heat or fire hazard? I’ll explain everything inside, to let’s dig in!

LED bulbs

do led light bulbs get hot featured image

Do LED Light Bulbs Get Hot?

You’re in for a treat – I’ll not only tell you about LED light bulbs and heat, but also a ton of great info. Everything from LED bulb life to how they work…and much more!

Dimmable bulbs

what are dimmable light bulbs featured image

What Are Dimmable Light Bulbs?

Dimming your lights is a wonderful way to change the mood and even save energy. But how do dimmable bulbs work, are the all the same, and are they interchangeable? Keep reading and I’ll explain everything inside.

2-way and 3-way bulbs

Heat lamps

how much energy does a heat lamp use featured image

How Much Energy Does A Heat Lamp Use?

Nearly everyone knows heat lamps are good for warming food, animal pens, reptile tanks, and much more. But what kind of wattage energy use can you expect them to draw? What is different between the two types, too?