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What is a toilet?

 Toilets are sanitary devices found in homes, businesses, and other buildings that use the movement of water and mechanical parts to remove human waste and transport to a septic tank or other treatment location. Although most use water, dry toilets also exist and this type does not block waste odors or flush waste.

Most models use a porcelain ceramic body and are permanently attached to the floor for stability. After each flush, a water reservoir tank (toilet tank) fills with fresh water via a float valve until the tank it close to full. The toilet then contains sufficient water, working by gravity, to spray into the toilet bowl and flush the contents down attached sewer pipes.

Some also feature an optional spray hose attached called a bidet which allows the use of water for cleaning after using the toilet.

Article categories

Flushing and other problems

5 reasons why your toilet has a weak flush featured image

5 Reasons Why Your Toilet Has A Weak Flush

Got toilet problems? Don’t you just absolutely¬†hate it when your it won’t flush right? It’s actually a very common problem. Read on to learn the main reasons why this may be happening.

Toilet stains

how to clean urine stains from a toilet bowl featured image

How To Clean Urine Stains From A Toilet Bowl

Got nasty urine stains in your toilet? I feel your pain – they’ve been a hassle for me too many times. Inside I’ll share where they come from and how you can deal with them efficiently.

General toilet care

how to clean the bottom of a toilet bowl featured image

How To Clean The Bottom Of A Toilet Bowl

Seems like it should be a snap, doesn’t it? Unfortunately toilets can get touch to remove stains and you certainly don’t want to leave permanent scratches in the porcelain! In this helpful guide I’ll show you what to do.