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What is an air purifier?

Air purifiers are a type of air quality home appliance that helps improve home air quality by removing airborne contaminants and allergens. Although some different varieties exist, most primarily rely on one or more highly dense filters and fans to move air through fibrous materials, trapping particulates as they work.

The process repeats continuously to cycle the air in a room or home and provides healthy, fresh air. This is especially helpful for those with allergies, dust problems, asthma or other respiratory issues, or who are sensitive to airborne contaminants. In some cases, some models may also trap volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as well as odors through the use of activated charcoal material or similar.

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Power consumption facts

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Do Air Purifiers Use A Lot Of Electricity?

When trying to find ways to purify and cleanse the air in your home, the main concern may be the whole effect on your budget. Do air purifiers use a lot of electricity? Let’s find out!

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