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What is a clothes dryer?

A clothes dryer (also called a tumble dryer or just a “dryer”) is an electromechanical home appliance that automates the drying of clothing laundry. Electrical power is used to drive the motor, electronics, and in turn clothing drum that tumbles the clothes as it works.

However, heated air that helps to evaporate moisture in clothing and dry them can rely on natural gas or electrical power. Many households in the USA and Canada use both a washing machine and a dryer, although combination washer and dryer units exist as well.

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Can I put this in a dryer?

Cleaning a clothes dryer

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How To Get Ink Out Of A Dryer

Oh, no! There’s an inky mess in the dryer – what to do? Here’s a clear, concise guide on how to handle it and some other ways you can deal with it, along with more info regarding your laundry and dryer ink stains.