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This page contains sections, grouped by topic or category, with many informational articles related to electric light fixtures, lamps of various types, light fixture wiring & electrical, and more to help with questions you may have.

What is a light fixture?

Light fixtures (also called light fittings in the UK or luminaires) are electrical constructions that contain and power an electric lamp (light bulb) to provide light and in some cases decorative accent lighting. The category describing light fixtures can range from basic light bulb sockets with a base to simply covered ceiling lights or even elaborate ceiling chandeliers.

Decorative fixtures may be made up of an elaborate enclosure that’s protected from dust, damage, or human contact while more simple designs like tables or desk lamps use a shade or cover and base to provide lighting where needed.

Fixtures always contain electrical wiring to provide a connection to the main AC power supply in a home or other building and may or may not contain a switch or other control directly on it. Many home light fixtures, for example, rely on a switch installed on interior walls to be switched on or off.

Article categories

Light fixture repair and modification

Do You Need An Electrician To Change A Light Fitting

Do You Need An Electrician To Change A Light Fitting?

It’s pretty common to think you absolutely have to pay an electrician to do small things like fix lighting or change a light fitting – but it’s not necessarily true! In this article I’ll share what you need need to know.

How Do I Change A Ceiling Light Socket

How Do I Change A Ceiling Light Socket?

In this little guide, I’m going to show you how to change a ceiling light socket, how to take apart a light socket, and how to fix a short within a light socket.

Pendant lights

what is a rustic pendant light featured image

What Is A Rustic Pendant Light?

Rustic pendant lights are a truly unique way to create that perfect ambient accent lighting at home. But what are they, what are the different types, and so forth? There’s a ton of helpful just waiting for you.

General lamp topics

what is an accent lamp featured image

What Is An Accent Lamp?

Learn the ins and out of accent lamps and how to best use them. Get that beautiful decor look in your home just like you’ve imagined!

how to tell if a lamp is 3 way featured image

How To Tell If A Lamp Is 3 Way

3-way lamps aren’t unusual at all. In fact, they’re pretty common. Unfortunately, not everyone knows what makes them different and which bulbs you can or can’t use with them. I’ll explain it all inside.

what is a steampunk lamp featured image

What Is A Steampunk Lamp?

Steampunk lamps are a truly different (and stylish) approach to table or wall lamps. But what is a steampunk lamp and what kinds are out there?

what is a transitional lamp featured image

What Is A Transitional Lamp?

What are transitional lamps, how should you use them, and what’s the best light color tone for adding a great transitional style decor effect at home?

Lamp shades

how to clean a fabric lampshade featured image

How To Clean A Fabric Lamp Shade

Fabric lamp shades are kind of a “special case” as they require a different approach for cleaning. Inside you’ll learn how and how to keep them safe from damage while cleaning.

what color should my lamp shades be featured image

What Color Should My Lamp Shades Be?

Get the right color, type, and best use out of your lamps by learning these helpful decor and lamp tips. There’s even some great info inside too about the best types of lighting.

which lamp shade gives the best light featured image

Which Lamp Shade Gives The Best Light?

I’ll show you not only the right types of lamp shades to use for better lighting, but a LOT more too: accent lighting, shade colors, shapes and styles of lamp shades, and even more.

Desk lamps

what is an anglepoise lamp featured image

What Is An Anglepoise Lamp?

One to learn about one of the most unique – and copied – lamps ever created? In this Anglepoise lamp guide you’ll learn its history, how they work, and so much more!

what is the best type of desk lamp for studying featured image

What Is The Best Type Of Desk Lamp For Studying?

Study smarter – not harder! A great desk lamp can make a big difference and boost your productivity. Get the inside scoop here on the right type of desk lamp, bulbs, light color, and much much more!

what is a non halogen desk lamp featured image

What Is A Non Halogen Desk Lamp?

Desk lamps were for many years almost always halogen types in many cases. No any more – today’s desk lamps offer more. But what is a non-halogen desk lamp?

Floor lamps

Metal body lamps

how to clean a copper lamp featured image

How To Clean A Copper Lamp

How to clean a copper lampSectionsHow to clean a copper lampHow do you remove oxidation from copper?How do you clean corrosion off of copper?Will SOS…

Tiffany lamps

how to clean a tiffany lamp featured image

How To Clean A Tiffany Lamp

Tiffany lamps are gorgeous but what approach should you use to clean them? Check out this how-to guide and all the tips to make you a pro.

Salt lamps

Selenite lamps

How do you clean a selenite lamp featured image

How Do I Clean My Selenite Lamp?

Did you know? If you’re not careful you can do permanent damage to your beautiful selenite lamp. Don’t worry, though: I’ve got you covered! Read on to find out how to clean yours the right way.