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What is a refrigerator?

A refrigerator, also called a fridge, is a home appliance that uses a refrigerant system to store food and maintain its freshness using cold temperature. Refrigerators are related to food freezers with the exception that refrigerators are not dedicated to storing food at a temperature that can be below freezing – although most refrigerators do have a smaller section that keeps a frozen internal temperature.

Most consist of a compressor, refrigerant, and heat removal system somewhat similar to that of an air conditioner. Many refrigerators also provide additional features and benefits such as producing ice cubes, drinking water, eggs and drinks, and the storage of fruits and vegetables.

Refrigerator use basics

can you put a mini fridge on carpet featured image

Can You Put A Mini Fridge On Carpet?

Here’s a clear and friendly guide with solid advice as to if – and how – to use a mini fridge on carpet. Also check out the valuable info on how to deal with leaks or spilled water to avoid expensive problems later on.

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