Home Repair & Maintenance Great Big Guide

This guide provides a large number of helpful articles, grouped into sections, to help answer questions and share information on many home repair and maintenance questions you may have.

What are the basics of home repair and home maintenance?

Home repair is centered around diagnosing (when needed) and repairing home-related problems that appear from time to time. It’s considered a necessity for both homeowners and some renters, too. Taking a do-it-yourself (DIY) repair approach can be both rewarding and very helpful for cutting down ownership expenses.

Home maintenance falls under the category of repair as it involves small or sometimes large odd jobs around the home such as cleaning, filter replacement, replacement of aged parts or seals, and other tasks. These types of tasks can prevent damage later, extend the life of various systems like heating and cooling, keep the air clean & healthy, and also help maintain a home’s value.

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