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What is soap?

Soap describes the salt of fatty acids derived from other substances that can be placed into hard or liquid cleaning agents for everyday use. When we’re referring to common soap at home, we’re usually referring to surfactants used for washing the skin, bathing, washing hair, and a variety of common household housekeeping tasks.

Soap chemically works by solubilizing (making it soluble with water so it can be freed from attachment) common everyday things like dirt, stains, grime, and so forth. Soap can also kill microorganisms like germs and viruses by the outer layer called the lipid bilayer making them susceptible to being destroyed.

Soap can also emulsify, or liquidity, oils, and fats on surfaces making it possible to wash them away with running water or by hand with a sponge, cloth, or other cleaning items.

Article categories

Bar soap

how to store bar soap long term featured image

How To Store Bar Soap Long Term

You’re in just the right place! I’ve got some fantastic & extremely clear info on how to store bar soap, bar soap life, cold vs hot process soaps, and SO much more.

Hand soap

can you use hand soap as body wash featured image

Can You Use Hand Soap As Body Wash?

Body wash is nice if you have it but it’s easy to run out – or not find it in the store at all! Can you just use your good ‘ole hand soap instead? Is it exactly the same, or is there more to the story?

what is the ph of hand soap featured image

What Is The pH Of Hand Soap?

You’re in for a treat. I’ve got everything you want to know about the pH level of soap, what’s best, storebought vs homemade soap, and more!

Hair washing soap substitutes

can you wash your hair with soap nuts featured image

Can You Wash Your Hair With Soap Nuts?

Soap nuts are a true blessing from nature and an excellent substitute for man-made and chemical-based soaps or shampoos. But are they ok to wash your hair with? Fear not! In this helpful guide you’ll learn it all!

General soap topics

cold process vs hot process soap differences explained featured image

Cold Process Vs Hot Process Soap Differences Explained

Could you have ever imagined that soap has so much to know? I was surprised, too! Everything important you need to know about cold process vs hot process soap, which is better for you, and so much more is waiting.