What Is Sugar Soap? Sugar Soap Facts to Know

What is Sugar Soap and What is It Used For?

what is sugar soap and what is it used for

Sugar soap, a heavy-duty cleaning agent for tough grease stains, is a staple of Commonwealth cleaning supply cabinets worldwide. Resembling table sugar in its powdered form, it’s often used to clean up paint on interior walls before repainting and removing household and automotive grime.

Though it’s not widely used in the US, numerous brands are popular around the world, each with a slightly different chemical makeup.

What is Sugar Soap Made Of?

From one brand to the next, the amounts of given ingredients may differ, but sugar soap usually contains a mix of sodium phosphate, sodium silicate, and sodium carbonate. If you think that sounds like a lot of sodium, you’re right; despite the calm impression that plain table salt gives, sodium is a highly reactive element that helps the sugar soap build more lather as you clean.

What is the Difference Between Sugar Soap and Detergent?

Unlike many detergents, sugar soap isn’t as harsh or caustic to work with. Though proper precautions should still be taken while using it, like gloves to keep the hands from drying out or a mask to prevent inhalation of the dust, the soap suds are still far less damaging than the alternative if you find yourself having to clean a lot of grease stains.

Can You Use Sugar Soap on Wooden Floors or Kitchen Cupboards?

can you use sugar soap on wooden floors or kitchen cupboards

Yes, sugar soap can be used on floors and cupboards.

But as a general rule for any cleaning product, if you’re unsure about whether or not it’ll work on a given material, then you should test it on a small, less visible corner first to make sure it isn’t going to damage anything.

Is Sugar Soap Antibacterial?

is sugar soap antibacterial

No. Sugar soap is what’s known as a surfactant. It doesn’t necessarily kill the germs, but it does get them and everything else with them off of whatever surface you’re cleaning, which is often more effective at reducing germs in general than plain antibacterial agents.

Plus it doesn’t risk creating any antibiotic-resistant superbugs while in the middle of a good spring clean.

Does Sugar Soap Get Rid of Mold?

Again, no. Though it will remove the surface mold from whatever you’re cleaning, it doesn’t kill the spores that allow that mold to spread, nor does it do anything about whatever mold might be lurking underneath the surface. If you have a mold problem, it’s best to call an expert to handle it.

How Long Do You Leave Sugar Soap on When Cleaning?

how long do you leave sugar soap on when cleaning

You shouldn’t need to leave it on for more than a few minutes in most circumstances. If you leave it to dry out, it may stick to the surface and be hard to scrub off.

What Kind of Sponge Do You Use for Sugar Soap?

what kind of sponge do you use for sugar soap

Just about anything can be used in tandem with sugar soap. You can use it with a scrubbing brush, a damp cloth, a sponge, or even a stiff broom if you’re out in the garage.

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