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What is an attic?

Attics are commonly defined at the loft space located directly underneath a home or other building’s roof. Attics typically don’t have a standard floor construction but rather rafters and other support beams that make up the shape of the home’s top and roof.

Many have limited access and while used in some cases for storage, they’re often not comfortable as the temperature may be higher or lower than the living quarters. Thermal insulation is normally used to help retain heat in winter and block it in the summer to reduce energy loss for heating and cooling.

Ventilation such as free air vents and attic fans are also present in many to help allow the escape of moisture as well as move air.

Article categories

Attic insulation

attic cleanup and insulation facts to know featured image

Attic Cleanup and Insulation Facts To Know

Your attic is easily one of the most forgotten parts of your home. Before you decide to start cleaning it up and dealing with insulation problems, it’s a good idea to be prepared. Read on for some good ideas to help.

attic radiant barrier pros and cons featured image

Attic Radiant Barrier Pros and Cons To Know

Just like every form of insulation, there are radiant barrier attic pros and cons that you are helpful to know before spending a dime. Read on to find out the ins and outs so you’ll be ready.

facts and tips for working with insulation featured image

Facts And Tips For Working With Insulation

In this helpful guide I’ll share tips on how to work with insulation safely and how prevent some of the most common problems people suffer from. Do it right and you’ll be glad you did!

working with fiberglass insulation safety guide featured image

Working With Fiberglass Insulation Safety Guide

Fiberglass insulation is one of the most common types around and in nearly every attic it seems. Don’t let it affect your health, skin, eyes, and more: be prepared by knowing everything important and using the right steps.

Energy efficiency

how to stop drafts from an attic doorhow to stop drafts from an attic door featured image

How To Stop Drafts From An Attic Door

There are some energy efficiency benefits that come from getting air leaks under control – especially from attic doors. Dig in and find out what you can do yourself to tame those pesky leaks.

Attic fires and fire hazards


why does my attic smell bad featured image

Why Does My Attic Smell Bad?

Find out the causes – and solutions for – bad attic odors here. You’ll also learn about the dangers of mold and how to identify it, too.

Cleanup and decontamination

attic decontamination basics to know featured image

Attic Decontamination Basics To Know

Think you can’t decontaminate your attic yourself? You can! Just follow these helpful steps and learn the basics first then you’ll be ready for great results and a good plan.

Moisture, leaks, and humidity

should i put a dehumidifier in my attic featured image

Should I Put A Dehumidifier In My Attic?

Find out the straight facts about when you should – or shouldn’t – use an attic dehumidifier. You’ll also learn how to use them as well as how to reduce moisture that causes humidity in your attic in the first place.

Pests and animals

Mold and mildew

is mold in an attic dangerous featured image

Is Mold In An Attic Dangerous?

Mold can be a definite health hazard as you’re probably already aware. But what if it’s in your attic? How dangerous is it, how do you know you have it, and what can you do?

can mold in an attic make you sick featured image

Can Mold In An Attic Make You Sick?

Find out the important facts on the effect mold in an attic can have on your or your family. Can it make you sick? How can you get rid of it to ensure your safety?