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What is a washing machine?

A washing machine is an electromechanical home appliance that automates (to some degree) cleaning clothing and laundry. In some countries like the United States, they’re also used alongside clothes dryers to dry clothes once the laundry wash cycle is complete. A specialized laundry detergent is typically used for optimal results.

Washing machines, dyers, and similar are types of home appliances sometimes referred to as “white goods” as they’re used for household tasks.

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Washing machine storage or maintenance

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How Long Can A Washing Machine Sit Unused?

Learn how long you can store a washing machine, what to do in order to get it ready for storage, and many other other helpful tips. I’ll help you make sure your washing machine stays clean and well-cared for when not in use

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Storing A Washer And Dryer Outside

Need to keep your washer and tumble-dryer outside or self-storage locations? Depending on your environment and situation there are several good things you can do to protect your expensive washing investment.

Water temperature and other related topics