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This guide provides a large number of helpful articles, grouped into sections, to help answer your questions related to water in your home, building, or other residences.

What is pest control all about?

Pest control enters around identifying, preventing, or destroying pests of a wide variety from rodents to insects. Home pest control deals especially with common pests and how to identify, prevent, or eliminate them permanently.

This can be through the use of poisons, baits, traps, materials to block entrances into your home, and tips on how to discourage them from coming indoors in the first place. Many pests can transmit diseases or at the very least cause great discomfort to homeowners.

This can range from skin problems to allergies, bad orders, and contaminating food or destroying property. Many people take a do-it-yourself (DIY) pest control approach to save money or get immediate relief from bugs, rats, ants, and many other types.

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Roaches and palmetto bugs




Weevils and beetles

what do weevils look like featured image

What Do Weevils Look Like? Bol Weevil Facts

Think you’ve got a weevil beetle infestation? Or just wanting to know how to identify them? Here are plenty of helpful ways to know what these odd little creatures look like.

how to get rid of weevils naturally featured image

How to Get Rid of Weevils Naturally

Great news – you can get rid of weevil beetles around your home or other areas naturally and without pesticides or bug spray. Here’s how.


how to keep rats away home remedy ideas that help featured image

How To Keep Rats Away – Home Remedy Ideas That Help!

So you’ve got a rat problem. Not to worry, though – you’re not limited to using only poison or paying for professional pest control services. Here are some great natural remedies to help you get rid of rats.

what is rodent proofing featured image

What Is Rodent Proofing?

Dealing with rodents isn’t just about trapping or killing them. Rodent proofing is one of the single most beneficial things you can do to deal with rats, mice, and more. Find out all the basics you need to know here.

Mosquitos, gnats, and flies

how many citronella torches do i need featured image

How Many Citronella Torches Do I Need?

Citronella torches are a really nice – and cool-looking – way to enjoy time outside around your home’s patio free of mosquitoes. But how many will you need to keep those annoying pests away?