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What is a dishwasher?

Dishwashers are appliance machines found in homes, restaurants, or other places where food is consumed that clean dishware and eating utensils automatically. Dishwashers use slightly pressurized water, forced through water jets, at a cold or warm temperature and one or more wash and rinse cycles.

Generally dishwashers also use soap (dishwashing detergent) created for that cleaning process and may include other substances such as a rinse aid to help remove food and soap residue from dishware. 

General dishwashing use facts

Dishwasher odor topics

Cleaning your dishwasher

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How To Clean The Bottom Of A Dishwasher

Learn the steps you need to clean your dishwasher well along with some other very helpful info, too. Keep that dishwasher fresh, safe, and sparkling clean!

Dishwashing detergent and soap