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What is an air conditioner (AC)?

Homes, buildings, and other residences with an air conditioning unit work to remove heat from indoor air and release it into the outside environment. Air conditioners work using a refrigerant circulated through metal tubing under pressure along with an electric fan to move air.

Air conditioning relies on the relationship between pressure and heat along with cooling fins to transfer interior heat. A compressor is used to circulate the refrigerant which makes this possible.

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Air conditioning refrigerant topics

where can I buy freon for my home featured image

Where Can I Buy Freon For My Home?

Freon is the lifeblood of any air conditioning. Whether due to a leak, repair, or etc. you may need to recharge your refrigerant. But where to buy it, and what kinds are sold today? Find out more inside.

AC use information

What Should My AC Be Set To

What Should My AC Be Set To?

Keeping cool is great but can cost you money over time if you’re not optimizing the AC temperature setting. Learn more about the best AC settings and why it matters.

is it better to run ac all day or just at night featured image

Is It Better To Run AC All Day Or Just At Night?

Air conditioners can be expensive to run and drive up your energy bill. On the other hand, you want to stay comfortable and sleep well, too. Learn if it’s best to run your AC all day or only at night time.

Air conditioning problems, issues, and related

Installation, drainage, cleaning, and maintenance

what causes an ac drip pan to overflow featured image

What Causes An AC Drip Pan To Overflow?

AC drip pans can build up quite a bit of water if there’s a problem with the drain. But what are the causes of a drip pan clog and overflow? How do you fix it?

Topics related to other types of AC & cooling units

Does Air Cooler Work Like AC

Does An Air Cooler Work Like AC?

Air coolers are an interesting (and useful) way to keep cool. But are they the same as AC units? How do they work? I’ll show what you need to know.

AC units and air quality

do air conditioners filter smoke featured image

Do Air Conditioners Filter Smoke?

Many air conditioners include one or more filters that help trap dust and other contaminates. But can they filter out smoke particles and smoke odors?