Home Water Quality Information Guide

This guide provides a large number of helpful articles, grouped into sections, to help answer your questions related to water in your home, building, or other residence.

What is water quality?

Water quality is a pretty broad topic but mainly covers the cleanliness and healthiness of water you drink, cook with, or bathe with in your home or other residence. It also relates to how the water is treated to keep it safe and clean as well as water sources you’re exposed to in general.

Contaminants, metal, bacteria, rust or scale, and other unwanted sources of unclean or discolored water can lead to digestive discomfort at the minimum or disease, cancer, and even death in dire circumstances. Preventing this is the goal of using good water supply practices and standards.

Water quality can vary from area to area and from one municipal water supply to another but in many countries a minimum cleanliness must be met for human use according to government guidelines.

Article categories

Home and building tap water topics

Minerals or metals in your water

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Do it yourself (DIY) water processing

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Dirty or discolored water

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Water testing