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This guide provides a large number of helpful articles, grouped into sections, to help answer questions and share information on many types of air fresheners for your home, apartment, or other residences.

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What are air fresheners?

Air fresheners are a category of items, both natural or man-made, that add fragrance in your home or other location to mask odors, provide a calming and more pleasant environment, or even improve air quality or provide health benefits.

Some examples are aerosol-based scent sprays, scented candles, oil diffusers, essential oil diffusers and oil dispersion items, or deodorant blocks or cakes used in bathrooms and toilet areas. Air fresheners may contain natural ingredients although most contain at least some synthetic chemical substances. Others use a completely man-made chemical solution to disperse scents in a room, car, or other location.

Wax melts & wax warmers

can you reuse wax melts featured image

Can You Reuse Wax Melts?

Scented wax melts are a lovely way to make your home smell wonderful. But can they be used again?


Fragrance lamps

how does a fragrance lamp work featured image

How Does A Fragrance Lamp Work?

Want a truly beautiful – and unique – way to add wonderful scents to your home? Fragrance lamps are a classic vintage item you’ll love to learn more about.