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What is home wiring?

Home wiring refers to a wide variety of types of electrical wiring conductors, cables, power distribution devices, and related. Home wiring (and other types of buildings) are subject to standardized codes which must be followed in order to maintain safety and installation quality minimum standards. These codes vary from country to country.

Home wiring supplies alternating current (AC) electrical power to outlets, switches, and appliances throughout a home. The wiring is generally installed during the building of a home or during manufacturing in the case of manufactured homes.

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Fuses and circuit breakers

how do fuses and circuit breakers protect your home featured image

How Do Fuses And Circuit Breakers Protect Your Home?

Electrical fuses and circuit breakers are incredibly important for protecting your home and making sure your family is safe. Let’s dig into how fuses or circuit breakers work, the different types, and a lot more.

Electrical outlets

Can I Install A 3 Prong Outlet Without Ground

Can I Install A 3 Prong Outlet Without A Ground?

Grounding is an important part of any socket as it stops your electronics from surging and catching fires. However, not every outlet or junction box will have ground wires as I’ll explain.


Can a Ground Wire Shock You

Can A Ground Wire Shock You?

Ground wires play an important role in home and building wiring. But is it possible to get hurt by them? And what other important things are there you might not know about? I’ll share what you need to know here.