How To Wash A Spin Mop Head In A Washing Machine

Can You Wash a Spin Mop Head in the Washing Machine?

can you wash a spin mop head in the washing machine

Most detachable reusable spin mop heads are machine washable. You can pull off the dirty spin mop head and throw it in a washing machine rather than having to wash it by hand.

Many spin mops include several mop refills to allow you to have one available to use while you are washing a dirty one.

Many people with spin mops end up with dirty floors instead of clean floors after mopping because they forget to rinse out their mop pad. Washing your spin mop in the washing machine can keep you from cleaning your floors with bacteria-laden dirty water.

What If a Mop Head Isn’t Machine Washable?

Your mop may not have a detachable mop head that will detach from the mop handle at all. It is also possible that your spin mop packaging says that it is not machine washable.

Mop heads that declare themselves non-washable could come apart even in a gentle cycle, so it’s best to wash them by hand.

If I can’t wash my mop head in a washing machine, I wash it the old-fashioned way – in a bucket or in a sink following these steps:

  1. Wash: Wash with at least a gallon of warm water in a sink or bucket with the soap you use on your floors.
  2. Sanitize: If you have a cotton mophead, you can add one cup of bleach to five gallons of water for sanitation purposes. If you have a microfiber mophead, you will want to add one cup of white vinegar instead. Soak if needed, but never longer than 24 hours.
  3. Rinse: After washing and sanitizing your mop, you should rinse it with clean water to remove any cleaning chemicals.
  4. Dry: Hang to dry, preferably in the sunshine.

How to Wash a Spin Mop Head in a Washing Machine

how to wash a spin mop head in a washing machine

If you are wondering how to wash a spin mop head in a washing machine, there are only four steps you need to follow:

  1. Detach: Remove your spin mop head from the handle according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. Rinse: Rinse the spin mop in clean water to remove any large chunks. Most washing machines can’t handle large food chunks very well.
  3. Wring: Wring the excess water out of the spin mop head so that you don’t end up dripping it all over the floor between the sink and washing machine.
  4. Wash: Wash the mop head with a mild detergent in cold water on the delicate cycle. Avoid using fabric softener with the laundry detergent.

While learning how to wash a spin mop head in a washing machine, you will need to heed these tips to avoid unintended negative consequences:

  • Wash often: I like to wash my mop head after each use, but it’s okay if you wash it at least once a week to keep it bacteria-free. If you don’t keep it clean and sanitized, you can end up spreading bacteria all over your floors, which is the opposite of your intended result.
  • Wash with like items: I like to wash my spin mop head with similar items, such as rugs or dusting rags. I do this because I don’t want floor trash and dirt that my machine can’t handle to lodge itself into my clothing or bath towels.
  • Don’t wash with microfiber items: I always avoid washing my mop heads with microfiber items. Microfiber items in the washing machine collect all the floor debris from your mop head and hold onto it so that you end up having to wash everything again.
  • Wash alone if using oil-based soaps: If you have a hardwood floor and use an oil-based soap on it, be sure to wash your mop head alone. The oil can stain other laundry or leave behind an unpleasant smell.
  • Know when to replace your mop head: Cotton mop heads need replacing after 15-30 washes, while microfiber mop heads can take about 500 washes. You’ll want to replace it when parts start to fall off, it becomes discolored, or the fibers become worn.

How Important Is It to Clean a Spin Mop Head?

how important is it to clean a spin mop head

Cleaning a spin mop head has several benefits:

  • Keeping your floor clean: Washing your mop head keeps your mop dirt- and germ-free so that you don’t make your floor dirtier when you mop it.
  • Making your mop head last longer: Washing your mop keeps cleaning chemicals from breaking down the mop head fibers so that your mop head lasts longer.

Drying Your Mop Head

drying your mop head

It is absolutely necessary to your dry mop heads before storage to prevent bacterial growth. There are several options for drying a wet mop:

  • Hang to dry: After washing, you can hang your mop to dry. I like to hang my clean spin mop head outside so the sun can help to kill any remaining bacteria and mold naturally.
  • In the dryer: Can you put mop heads in the dryer? Temperatures above 140°F and dryer sheets can damage microfiber mop heads. So, it’s best to dry microfiber mop heads on low heat. Drying cotton mop heads on low heat will extend their life as well.

Can You Add Bleach to the Washer While Cleaning the Mop Head?

can you add bleach to the washer while cleaning the mop head

Can you use bleach on a mop head? The answer depends on what type of mop head you have:

  • Cotton mop heads: I always like to add a cup of bleach to the washer to help eliminate unwanted bacteria from my cotton mop heads.
  • Microfiber mop heads: If you have a microfiber mop head, you should never wash it with bleach because it will ultimately damage the mop’s fibers and shorten its lifespan.