How Tall Should The Lamp In A Bedroom Be?

How Tall Should a Bedroom Lamp be Compared to a Headboard?

how tall should a bedroom lamp be compared to a headboard

Your bedside lamp should look substantial enough to bring balance to large pieces of furniture in the room, like your bed and headboard.

Generally, your bedroom lamp should be around the same height as your headboard if it’s a table lamp and twice the height of your headboard if it’s a floor lamp. That’s typically how tall should be the lamp in bedrooms.

What is the Average Height of a Bed?

Although bed heights can vary, the average bed height is from 25 to 30 inches. This height accounts for the mattress and the bed frame but not the headboard.

Should the Bedside Lamp be Taller than the Headboard?

Likewise, headboards come in a wide range of heights depending on the size of the bed and the room’s decor style. In general, headboards range from 14 to 58 inches high. Of course, more dramatic styles of headboards can be taller or shorter.

If you want to add floor lamps to your bedroom, then they should be at least twice as tall as your headboard. This creates a lifting effect that can help bring symmetry to your room and pleasing and efficient ambient lighting.

How Tall Should a Bedside Lamp Be?

how tall should a bedside lamp be

Bedside table lamps should line up with the height of your headboard. Ideally, your bedside table should rise to the same height as your mattress does; as mentioned before, the range is from 25 to 30 inches for bed height.

As such, the ideal nightstand lamp should be as tall as your headboard. The general height range for traditional styles is around 28 to 30 inches, but you can use a taller lamp for more dramatic headboards.

What Is the Right Bedside Lamp Height?

The best bedside lamp height is the one that helps your bedroom feel balanced and relaxed while also casting light throughout the room pleasingly and efficiently.

Take into consideration your headboard and bed height, your room style, and the room’s dimensions. While considering height, also consider width; your bedside light should be wider if you have a larger mattress. You can use a wider lamp shade to play with proportions.

These factors simply play upon the idea of balance to create a room environment that is calming and easy to relax in.

Including too small lamps in a room full of other pieces of large furniture creates an imbalance that can stick out and keep your mind from resting well.

What’s the Right Height for a Bedroom Floor Lamp?

what’s the right height for a bedroom floor lamp

Floor lamps differ from nightstand lamps in that they should be twice as tall as the headboard. Since they are not on tables, they bring a certain amount of empty, negative space at their base that should be balanced out with fullness up higher.

Conversely, since tables take up visual space near the floor, they have to be shorter to provide space higher up to maintain balance and proportion in the room.

However, the lamp itself should not be excessively tall in comparison to the height of the mattress. A general height of 48 inches above the bed is a widely accepted standard that helps maintain visual space and proportion within a bedroom.

Advice on Adding Modern Lighting to a More Traditional Bedroom

advice on adding modern lighting to a more traditional bedroom

For a more eclectic mix of modern and traditional, adding cleaner lines and metallic touches can help add visual interest and uniqueness to your bedroom.

Using drum lamp shades is an easy way to produce a modern effect with light fixtures. Stick with solid colors and pick a lamp base that uses symmetry and angles to bring modern design aspects to a traditional bedroom.

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