How to Clean Metal Pendant Lights

What to Use for Cleaning Metal Pendant Lights

what to use for cleaning metal pendant lights

In order to properly clean your metal pendant lights, it is important that you use the right cleaning solution so as not to damage, scratch, or disintegrate the finishing of your metal lights.

Here’s how to clean metal pendant lights the quick and easy way. I like to start by putting together a basic cleaning solution and grabbing a few tools.

The best liquid solutions to use for self-cleaning your metal pendant lights include any of the following or a diluted mixture of:

  • Plain tap or filtered water
  • Distilled water
  • Mild cleaning detergents
  • Glass-safe detergent
  • Warm water
  • Soapy water with dish soap or castile soap
  • Metal polish
  • Watered down rubbing alcohol
  • Watered down vinegar

Tools for Cleaning Metal Pendant Lighting

Along with using the right mild and watered-down solutions, cleaning your metal pendant lights with gentle and non-abrasive tools will also help you get the best clean without lessening the lifespan of your lights.

The best tools and cloth types to use when ready for cleaning include the following:

  • Soft microfiber cloths
  • Had towels
  • Gentle hand-held lamp shade vacuums
  • Spray bottle
  • A damp cloth for washing
  • Dry cloth for dusting

How Often Should You Clean Your Pendant Lighting?

how often should you clean your pendant lighting

I recommend cleaning your pendant lighting by washing, dusting, and waxing it at least once per year. To reduce build-up and improve shine, clean two to four times per year.

To clean your indoor hanging meal pendant lighting, consider taking the following steps:

  • Turn off the light switch that controls your pendant light
  • Put on a pair of polishing gloves
  • Take the light bulbs out gently with a cloth and wipe them
  • Gently set them on a table or surface
  • Wipe the metal part of the pendant light with a damp cloth of watered-down non-chemical solution
  • Dry with a soft dry cloth
  • Reassemble the lights

How to Deep Clean a Metal Pendant Light Fixture

how to deep clean a metal pendant light fixture

If a light cleaning or maintenance session just does not seem like enough to get your metal pendant light sparkling and vibrant again, consider doing a deep clean.

To deep clean your metal pendant light, make sure the light source is not on and make sure all of the lightbulbs are completely cooled off before beginning. Then, to remove any dirt, grime, and oxidation, take the following steps:

  • Put on dusting gloves
  • Carefully remove all bulbs and dust them with a dry cloth
  • Place the bulbs on a table
  • Remove the metal pendant by either lifting or unscrewing it
  • Warm a lint-free cloth with water
  • Wipe all surfaces inside and outside of the metal fixture
  • Dry the metal with a dry microfiber cloth
  • Brush metal and chain with a gentle brush
  • Replace the pendant
  • Wipe again, if needed
  • Replace the bulbs
  • Enjoy the brighter and more vibrant light!

Light Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

light cleaning & maintenance tips

I like to quickly clean off my light fixtures on a regular basis so I can avoid spending too much time on the deep cleaning sessions. If you want a very light clean for your metal pendant lights on a day when you don’t necessarily have time for a full clean but are expecting guests, try the following tips for light cleaning and maintenance:

  • Use an extended feather duster
  • Get on a step-stool or small ladder and give your metal pendant light a dusting with a lint-free cloth
  • Use your duster gloves to wipe down the lighting fixture without removing the shade or metal pendant
  • Give your metal pendant light a light dusting and a gentle coating of wax for some extra shine
  • Use a microfiber cloth for a quick lightbulb swipe to get a brighter glow
  • Spot-treat any stains with a damp cloth and a drop of mild, unscented dish soap with water
  • Consider using keyboard cleaner to blow any unwanted dust bits away without disassembling your metal pendant light
  • Spot treat any scratches with protective metal lacquer

How to Clean the Light Bulbs on a Pendant Light

how to clean the light bulbs on a pendant light

The best way to clean the bulbs that are a part of your pendant light setup is to first remove them. If you notice that they are scratched, dented, discolored, or even a little bit melted, make sure to dispose of them responsibly and purchase new bulbs.

If you remove your bulbs and see that they are simply dirty, do not scrub them as this may cause them to crack or even shatter, leaving you with a dangerous mess. Instead, gently use your dusting gloves or a soft, gentle cloth to clean them.

If they have a stain, you can very lightly dampen the cloth before drying again. Make sure to never get water inside the bulb or on the end connection of the bulb as that could cause a shortage or even electrocution upon turning on the light.

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