How To Clean A Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp

Cleaning Your Salt Lamp

cleaning your salt lamp

I suggest that you use a damp washcloth to wipe down your Himalayan salt lamp. I don’t recommend using any soaps or cleaning agents to clean your salt lamp, and I also don’t recommend running water over it. Before cleaning your lamp, make sure to unplug it. The answer for how to clean Himalayan pink salt lamps is as simple as that.

Care Tips for Your Salt Lamp

care tips for your salt lamp

To keep your salt lamp in top condition, I recommend that you keep the lamp’s base dry. I have a placemat under my lamp; that way, I can move it around quickly without worrying about damaging the furniture and collect any water when the salt lamp sweats.

What to do if Your Lamp Becomes Wet

what to do if your lamp becomes wet

When my lamp first showed signs of water, I was worried that something was wrong with my salt lamp. It turns out that this is normal for Himalayan salt lamps and shows that the lamp is doing its job. The lamp attracts moisture from the environment. When it draws too much water, it releases it through the rock.

Removing Excess Moisture from a Lamp

I have found a couple of different ways to remove the excess water your bulb releases. One way to remove the excess water is to keep the lamp on 24/7, or at least 16 hours a day. Another method is to use a moisture absorber. An easy way to remove excess water is to increase the wattage of the bulb.

Where Should Salt Lamps be Placed for the Best Results?

where should salt lamps be placed for the best results

I recommend placing your salt lamp anywhere you want to reap the benefits of getting exposure to negative ions. The benefits of being exposed to negative ions include increased energy levels, stress reduction, improving mood, sharpen concentration, and protection from airborne germs. Here are some recommended spots for the lamp.

  • Bedside table: Having my Himalayan pink salt lamp by my bed as I sleep provides me with clean air and a better night’s sleep.
  • On the study desk
  • Beside my favorite couch
  • Anywhere I spend a lot of time

Avoid Moist or High Humidity Areas

As I mentioned earlier, the salt lamp attracts moisture. To minimize the leaking of my salt lamp, I’ve kept it away from areas that produce high humidity environments. I highly recommend keeping the salt lamp away from the laundry, kitchen, or bathroom areas.

Finding a Good, Safe Surface for It

I used to have a dog that would get into anything that she could reach. I had to make sure that I kept my Himalayan pink salt lamp on a table that she couldn’t get to. I also recommend keeping the lamp out of the reach of young children and making sure that the lamp cord is secure so there’s no risk of tripping.

I don’t recommend putting your lamp on a speaker, especially if you like playing your music with a lot of bass. Placing the lamp on speakers could risk breaking the bulb or the fuse. I also recommend keeping the lamp away from open windows, especially during humid weather.