What Size Light Bulb Does A Scentsy Need? Wax Warmer Bulb Facts

Scentsy warmers come in a vast array of styles, from cutesy cow warmers to elegant blown glass warmers. Most of these warmers use a special type of light source to melt the wax, instead of a traditional flame. But what size light bulb does a Scentsy need?

When my mother worked for Home Interiors, it seems like she brought a new warmer home every week. It was always going, emitting a wonderful smell.

Don’t let a burned-out bulb keep you from enjoying wonderful scents at home! I’ll show you which bulb you need.

What size Scentsy bulb do I need?

Scentsy wax warmer bulb size examples

Shown here are the 3 common sizes and power ratings of bulbs used in Scentsy and similar wax warmers.

Scentsy wax warmers use bulbs, plugs, or internal heating elements to power all of their wax warmers. The Scentsy warmer bulb wattage and bulb size & style you need depends on the type of the warmer.

There are some places you can check first in order to find out:

  • To begin, look at the paperwork your warmer came with. It will detail exactly what type of bulbs are compatible with your Scentsy wax warmer.
  • If you can’t find your instruction manual (or you’re like me and immediately threw it away without thinking) then you can often find the wattage requirements on the bottom of the warmer.
  • If your warmer came with a bulb, you can remove the old bulb and find an exact match by bringing it to your local home improvement store, or finding one online.

A very general rule of thumb is:

  • Mini warmers use a 15W bulb
  • Mid-size and some full-size warmers use 20W bulbs
  • Full-size warmers normally use a 25W bulb
  • Diffusers use built-in LEDs

Most importantly, you need to be sure by checking, but the guidelines here should be right for most cases.

How do you pick your bulb?

Once you discover the exact wattage your warmer needs, it’s time to pick the new bulb. You’ll want to replace your old bulb with one that is exactly the same wattage, voltage, base type, and overall bulb size.

NOTE: Not all bulbs – even those sold with supposedly the same wattage as the original – work correctly. Some bulbs don’t generate as much heat as they should and will fail to melt the wax in your warmer.

Be sure to replace your original bulb with a high-quality or original quality brand. Check reviews before buying unknown bulbs when possible.

Standard 15W Scentsy bulbs come in a 3-pack with unique bulbs offered in one-packs. 20W bulbs and 25W bulbs are offered in 3-packs, but the 40W Edison bulb is only sold individually.

You can find other brands in single or 2-pack units at retailers like Amazon and others.

Scentsy also offers nice colors if you’d like a custom look:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Edison-style
  • Multi-color

Small bulbs like these are harder to find in colors elsewhere, so you’re likely better off ordering them from the company’s website or from a retailer who carries their products.

Here’s a helpful Scentsy bulb chart you can check for your particular model to see the bulb type needed.

What kind of bulb goes in a Scentsy warmer?

Wax warmer what kind of bulb example

Scentsy uses traditional incandescent bulbs in their wax warmers as they generate the heat necessary to melt the wax and generate a scent in the air.

However, you don’t have to use their specific bulbs in your warmer. The most important thing to consider when replacing your light is the wattage and a good quality bulb that will heat the wax as it should.

The bulb should always be the exact same wattage as the bulb that came with your warmer.

(Keep in mind that Scentsy says that if you do not use one of their Scentsy bulbs in their warmers and a major malfunction happens, you could potentially void your warmer’s warranty.)

Is there a “wrong” type of wax warmer bulb?

High-voltage or high-wattage bulbs (30W, 40W, etc..) could cause overheating, burn your wax, crack your warmer, and damage the wiring of a wax warmer. The warmer itself, as well as its product information booklet, will indicate the exact wattage requirements for your warmer.

Can you use LED bulbs in a Scentsy?

You also can’t use LED bulbs for a Scentsy or other wax warmer because they give off very little heat. The wax will stay hard and no refreshing scent will be released into the air. It’ll be a waste of your money.

How to replace Scentsy light bulbs

How to replace a Scentsy light bulb diagram

First, make sure your Scentsy or wax warmer is cool to the touch. While most warmers melt the wax at relatively low temps, you could still hurt your fingers if the bulb was already hot.

The traditional warmer has a plate or dish that sits on top of the base. The dish is not attached, and if you remove it, the light and socket are inside. These bulbs are simple screw-ins.

Once the bulb has cooled down, remove it by rotating it counterclockwise to loosen then pull it out. Insert the new bulb in the socket and turn it to the right to tighten it in place.

Some warmers are available or upgradable to tabletop versions instead of the wall plugin style. The bottom part of the warmer will unscrew and you’ll then be able to pop the top onto the base.  Scentsy uses a base made especially for their warmers.

Warmers without bulbs


The bulbs in diffusers are built-in to the base and the bulbs aren’t replaceable. However, these diffusers often use LEDs, and will last for the life of the unit. Because diffusers run on internal batteries, first check to see if your diffuser is not charging properly or if the battery is dead.

Scentsy also offers warmers and diffusers that run on a plug or battery.

Element Warmers

These are a new type of warmer that’s becoming more popular. They’re more stylized (like this cow warmer or a Dachshund warmer or even a specific sports team!)

Element warmers work by emitting heat but without light. It’s similar to how a coffee maker keeps your coffee warm or how a hot plate warms your food, but at very low power levels.

Element warmers are very safe. They warm the wax with low amounts of heat only since they don’t use a bulb that also generates light too.

Do all Scentsy warmers come with light bulbs?

Scentsy wax warmer examples

Yes, most, but not all, standard Scentsy warmers include a bulb. It’s best to always check and make sure especially when buying a non-Scentsy brand warmer.

My personal advice is to get an extra bulb in case the old one burns out.

Where to buy Scentsy light bulbs

You can get bulbs that should work not only from the company but also from hardware & lighting stores, online general retailers, and even locally at Wal-Mart and other department stores.

I definitely think you should save the original bulb and try to bring your old bulb into the store with you.

Are there non-bulb warmers?

Yes, there are warmers offered that use a small candle or flame – however, there are a few warmers that use alternative warming techniques, as well!

Scentsy uses a few different types of heating types:

  • Built-in electric heating element (similar to a hot plate)
  • Traditional standalone bulbs, such as 15W, 20W, 25W, or 40W
  • Plug-in warmers using bulbs

However, the older warmers have one major pitfall: open flames. Flame-based warmers aren’t recommended for a long list of reasons, most of which (of course) is that an open flame is a fire hazard.

Electrically-powered warmers have the benefit of being protected by your home’s electrical fusing or circuit breakers in case a short or excessive load happens, removing power.