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James Marshall is a business management professional with experience in various retail and service businesses. Originally a native of Tennessee, he now calls the Atlanta, Georgia area his home.

His current role in off-site and consulting work offers him the opportunity to dig into reading, learning, and plenty of DIY projects at home. With a background in farm work and home and building repair before moving to a professional field, James earned plenty of hands-on experience in getting things done.

He also enjoys building interesting projects with wood and other materials and home-related projects such as reducing energy use and repairs. When not spending time with family or being involved in community activities, you can find him researching, reading, writing, and looking for “real” pizza as he calls it.


During his career positions in supervisor and management roles at various companies, he was promoted numerous times thanks to his focus on reducing operational inefficiencies and his knack for encouraging effective teamwork. Before and during his undergraduate college years, he worked part-time in several handyman, maintenance, and facilities roles.

He learned the value of low-cost solutions to common maintenance problems and hand tool and power tool skills. His customer skills lead to his success as a supervisor and eventually a high-level manager position later after joining the corporate world.


James holds a bachelor of science in business from the University of Tennessee and several safety and skill-related certifications.  He earned an associate degree with honors in industrial technology before pursuing his bachelor’s degree and moving into the business & management field.

Additionally, he has received certifications in CPR, hazardous material (HAZ-MAT), and industrial safety from the University of Tennessee Center for Industrial Services.

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