Can A Medicine Cabinet Be Hung Over An Unused Electrical Outlet?

Considering hanging a cabinet over an unused electrical outlet? In this article I’ll go over some key questions and concerns when it comes to cabinet placement.

I’ll also go over some additional points you’ll want to know before getting started.

Can a Medicine Cabinet Be Hung Over an Unused Electrical Outlet?

can a medicine cabinet be hung over an unused electrical outlet

The short answer is yes, you can hang a medicine cabinet over an unused electrical outlet.

Of course, different homes will have different layouts, and electrical workers have to adhere to various codes when putting in various electrical components and outlets. However, it is generally the homeowner’s decision whether or not they want to do something like hanging a medicine cabinet over an unused electrical outlet.

In the bathroom especially, every electrical outlet is pretty crucial. Just like any other piece of hardware or equipment, your electrical outlets can become damaged or eventually stop working correctly.

If you’re dead set on hanging your new medicine cabinet over an electrical outlet that doesn’t work correctly, this might be the best-case scenario. Now’s a great time to do the work, by the way; suggests that annual home renovation and repair expenditures will hit $337 billion by the second half of this year.

In fact bathrooms are among the most popular areas people focus on when it comes to home improvement. One of the simplest ways to keep yours organized and add a really stylish touch of class is by installing a cabinet yourself.

How Do You Cover Up Old Outlets?

how do you cover up old outlets

If you have a working electrical outlet in your bathroom that you’re looking to cover up, there are a few ways you can do so safely. You can hang a hinged cover, a painting, or a piece of artwork over the outlet.

You can also opt for pop-out or hinged outlets, which are hidden in the wall until you press the outlet. However, pop-up outlets are more common in kitchen islands. You may also paint the outlet and cover so that it matches your wall.

You can also purchase box covers or sliding plate covers, which will certainly be more convenient than painting or installing new hardware. Any of these options are suitable. With a bit of time and patience, your remodel efforts will end up looking and working great, too.

Where Should I Put My Medicine Cabinet?

where should i put my medicine cabinet

Before you decide where to place your medicine cabinet, you first have to settle on a medicine cabinet to hang. You can often find bargain furniture at yard sales and consignment stores, or you might end up spending a few hundred dollars (or more) on a sophisticated brand-new model. The choice is yours!

You’ll want to select a medicine cabinet that not only looks the part but a medicine cabinet that can store all of your stuff. Ensure ample space is available for miscellaneous bathroom items like hairspray, gel, face wash, toner, makeup, and more.

Generally, most people will hang their medicine cabinet in the bathroom right above the wash basis. This is the most standard place for a medicine/bathroom cabinet, although it might not end up being the best place to store medication. You will need to keep medicines in a cool, dark, dry place. Plus, bathrooms are often not the best for providing such conditions.

If you do not have space above your washbasin or prefer to hang your medicine cabinet elsewhere, above the toilet might be an acceptable option for you. Take a good long look at your bathroom layout. If any part of any wall standing there bare, this would be a good candidate for a cabinet.

How Do You Hang a Medicine Cabinet Without Studs?

how do you hang a medicine cabinet without studs

When it comes time to hang your cabinet, you might not be doing so under ideal conditions. In many cases, you might be wondering how you can hang a medicine cabinet without studs.

Studs are generally considered wood beneath your drywall or a piece of metal with a large head — it’s the most secure way to hang a hook, rack, or cabinet.

If you do not have studs at your disposal, use nails or even toggle anchors, which will help you secure your medicine cabinet to the wall. You might also invest in drywall anchors that will help you better stabilize your medicine cabinet for the long haul. Toggle anchors can often help hang a medicine cabinet of one hundred pounds or more.

Can You Put an Electrical Outlet in a Medicine Cabinet?

can you put an electrical outlet in a medicine cabinet

As I mentioned earlier, some medicine cabinets might conceal an underlying electrical outlet. However, you might be wondering if you can place an electrical outlet inside a medicine cabinet.

It doesn’t matter if your cabinet is in your bathroom or your kitchen. You can generally install an outlet into an existing cabinet wall and the back wall of a medicine cabinet. If necessary, you can also run conduit through a cabinet if you wish to avoid passing wires through the drywall.

If you’re looking to put an electrical outlet in a medicine cabinet, you will likely have to create an opening in the box. Depending on thickness and material, this might be easier said than done. Make sure you have the tools and expertise to achieve a clean cut. If you don’t, it’s a good idea to bring in a specialist to help you carry out your project.

Pro Tip: Make sure to use GFCI outlets, which have ground-fault circuit interrupters that detect electrical current imbalances. These types of outlets will shut off power to a particular outlet to prevent damage and reduce the risk of shock.

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