Homemade Microfiber Detergent How-To Guide

How To Make a Homemade Microfiber Detergent

how to make a homemade microfiber detergent

The first thing you’ll need to do is grate the ivory bar soap and mix it with one cup of borax and one cup of washing soda crystals. Once that’s done, store the mixture in an airtight container.

Tip: The finer you grate your bar of soap, the better. It’ll be easier to mix into your other ingredients.

When it’s time to wash, add ¼ cup of your Homemade Laundry Soap. If you need extra stain remover you should add one scoop of Oxiclean to your machine.

How to clean your microfiber towels with homemade detergent:

  1. Use a warm cycle for the longest time and is the most intense cycle on your machine.
  2. Add your homemade laundry detergent to the load.
  3. Let the cleaning solution wash for five minutes, then pause your wash cycle and let the microfiber cloths soak for 15-30 minutes before resuming the process.
  4. Allow the rinse cycle to finish, then let your microfiber cleaning cloth air dry.

Why Use Homemade Detergent For Microfiber?

There are many reasons why switching to homemade microfiber detergent will benefit your needs. You won’t want to switch back to regular laundry detergent to wash microfiber cloths.

You’ll find that homemade microfiber detergents contain fewer chemicals like surfactants, water softeners, stain removers, and other fragrances than regular detergents. In addition, allergies to common detergents give you a reason to want to wash your cloths naturally.

Most washing powders have a strong scent that many people find overwhelming. Microfiber cloths that are washed in regular detergent come out a bit more intense.

The smell can become more noticeable once you wet the microfiber cloth so using homemade detergents can help keep the scent level lower. You can also choose your own scent by using essential oils.

Homemade Microfiber Detergent Recipe

Here’s a quick and easy recipe for natural laundry detergent. This recipe can be convenient for anyone since it’s a powder that can go right in your washing machine.


  • Borax
  • Washing Soda (Different from baking soda, but washing soda is still made by Arm and Hammer)
  • Ivory Bar Soap

Sometimes it is challenging to find borax, or you don’t want to use it in your homemade microfiber detergent. There’s an easy fix to that problem. Simply use double the washing soda crystals that you put in your homemade microfiber detergent recipe.

Another ingredient could be adding drops of essential oil to the fabric conditioner compartment of your washing machine, which gives you a subtle scent without overwhelming your cleaner recipe.

How To Wash Your Microfiber Cloth

Cleaning microfiber fabric is essential to keep them in good condition. Microfiber towels are different from regular towels because the microfiber fabrics are woven and split to increase surface area for the most precise cleaning.

  • Never use bleach or fabric softener as a cleaning solution. Bleach can ruin the ultra-fine fibers that make these clothes more bristly and rough. Fabric softener clumps together the fibers which destroys the cleaning powers of your microfiber cloth.
  • Also, don’t use any type of vinegar during your cleaning process. Using white vinegar erodes the bristles similar to bleach.
  • When washing microfibers it’s best to wash them in a separate load from the rest of your clothes because the bristles start to wear down over time when they pick up lint from other fabric types.
  • Using hot water will disinfect your microfiber towels and you can put them all together in one cycle.

Can You Wash Microfiber Cloths With Regular Detergent?

can you wash microfiber cloths with regular detergent

You can use regular detergent to wash your microfiber cloth. However, there are things you need to remember when washing with regular detergent.

First, you need to choose a gentle detergent with no scents or laundry additives, which could ruin the bristles. Next, adding a tablespoon of white vinegar to the machine load helps eliminate any odors stuck on your microfiber cloths.

Second, you should only use a small amount of regular detergent. One to two teaspoons is enough to not overload the machine and ruin your microfiber cleaning cloths.

Does Microfiber Need Special Detergent?

Yes, it’s true that microfiber needs certain types of detergents – but that doesn’t mean you necessarily have to buy a certain kind.

Avoid harsh soaps, fabric softener, detergent, and other fabric conditioners. These other detergents stick to the fibers of the cloth, which make them less effective for cleaning the surfaces around your home.

Sometimes, you won’t even need to use detergent because your microfiber cloths that are lightly dusty or dirty can be easily hand washed.

Hand scrubbing heavily stained areas in a basin of warm water does the trick. Letting the towels soak for fifteen to twenty minutes before agitating the towels by hand means that you can wash your microfiber cloths without special detergent.

Can You Clean Microfiber With Soap And Water?

Using dish soap and water is an excellent solution for pretreating stains. Nothing more than a drop or two of dish soap is needed to protect the synthetic fibers of your cloth.

Simply use your fingers to rub out stains and let them settle for five minutes before washing in a cleaning solution.

Is Oxiclean Safe For Microfiber?

is oxiclean safe for microfiber

OxiClean is entirely safe for cleaning your microfiber dishcloths. Soaking your microfiber towels in Oxiclean or adding a scoop to your homemade cleaning solution works perfectly fine for removing stains.

Oxiclean comes in both a spray and a powder, so its stain-removing power comes from hydrogen peroxide and sodium carbonate. It softens the water and helps remove stains from your microfiber towels and other fabrics.

Can You Use Baking Soda To Clean Microfiber?

can you use baking soda to clean microfiber

Yes, you can use baking soda to clean microfiber fabric. You can mix one tablespoon of baking soda with two cups of warm water in a bowl.

Let your microfiber towels soak in this mixture for fifteen minutes then rinse the cloth in cool water. Baking soda helps you deodorize the cloth, which also kills any bacteria lingering on your microfiber cloths.

Can You Dry Microfiber Cloths In The Dryer?

can you dry microfiber cloths in the dryer

Air drying your microfiber cleaning cloth is best and it’s great that they dry pretty quickly. However, you should hang them on a laundry line directly in the sun if you have one as it allows for disinfection in the natural sun.

Hanging them over your shower rod will do the trick if you don’t have a clothesline. Remember to make sure that you hang your microfiber cloths in an area of your home with good air circulation.

Sometimes it’s essential to put them in the dryer. Don’t worry; you can toss them right in the dryer but remember these crucial tips:

  • Use a low-heat dryer setting or use an air-dry cycle.
  • Don’t add fabric softener sheets to your dryer.
  • Make sure that you thoroughly clean your dryer lint trap. If you don’t clean your lint trap, the lint can spread and fall on the delicate bristles of the cloth, which will damage the fibers.
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