How High Should You Mount A TV In The Bedroom?

How high should you mount a TV in the bedroom?

how high should you mount a tv in the bedroom

Wall mount TVs are nice but it can be difficult to know how high you should mount a TV in the bedroom.

  • If you mount the TV too low, you’ll have to uncomfortably crane your neck when sitting on the bed or sofa.
  • Too high and the TV will take up much-needed floor space and can be a pain to watch at unnatural eye level.

A general rule of thumb is to mount your TV at eye level height or approximately 43 inches above the floor.

The measurement for how high to mount the TV is based on the screen size, your room’s dimensions and shape, and how the TV will be viewed.

Remember: mounting your TV is something you want to do right the first time to prevent wall damage or a mistake you have to live with forever. You might want to get a professional TV installer to help and give you peace of mind.

What is the best height for a wall-mounted TV in the bedroom?

what is the best height for a wall mounted tv in the bedroom

You want to mount a TV at the ideal height that doesn’t strain your eyes.

The mounting height varies depending on the size of the screen and what is a comfortable viewing angle.

  • You want to position the TV in a good spot to avoid health issues later on like getting a chronically sore neck.
  • If you’re sitting on the bed, mount the TV at eye level to protect your neck and keep your body in a neutral, relaxed position.
  • Eye-level depends on the people who’ll be watching the TV and their height.

Keep in mind that the optimum viewing distance away from a TV is 2.5 times the TV size.

Where should a TV be placed in a bedroom?

One great place for a TV is on top of a dresser as it conserves space and fits well in your bedroom. Hanging it up on the wall with a TV wall mount or propping it at the end of the bed for a comfortable viewing experience are also options.

You can position a TV at the side of your bed or table, but you need a lot of space so unfortunately that won’t for everyone.

Standing on a post at the end of the bed is another option or you could hide it in a cabinet if you don’t have a lot of room. You just want to make sure the screen is visible from every seat.

Note: My advice is to avoid putting anywhere you’ll moving around a lot (especially extremely close to the bed or on top of a small nightstand, small table, etc) as it will be easy to accidentally knock it over and break the screen.

How can you make viewing a high mount TV more comfortable?

Sometimes you have to decide between the most available location and what’s most aesthetically appealing. Sometimes you’ll want to lay down and watch TV, and other times, the sun will cause a glare that affects your view.

  • A motorized wall mount is a possible solution that can make different angles for the screen regardless of where it’s mounted depending on how you want to watch TV that evening.
  • Another suggestion is to angle your TV downwards and get a neck support pillow to prop your head comfortably without straining your muscles.

How far should you sit from a TV screen?

how far should you sit from a tv screen

The viewing distance varies according to the TV size and type, but in general, eye care professionals recommend that you should sit eight to ten feet away from the TV. You should be five times the distance from the screen based on its width.

Consider your comfort too. Find a suitable distance where you can watch shows and movies without experiencing discomfort.

It’s worth trying out different distances until you find something that works best for you for watching for long periods of time.

What is the average TV size for use in bedrooms?

what is the average tv size for use in bedrooms

TVs are inevitably growing bigger. Bedroom TV sizes most commonly used in the United States and Canada are 32 inch and 42 inch. 

High pixel resolution is appealing, but if you’re watching TV from a close range, you don’t need to get a huge TV to achieve an optimal viewing experience.

Having a high-definition capable TV also doesn’t mean much if your cable TV or other video source isn’t in high resolution as you’ll never see it at full capacity in that case.

Ideal TV size for the bedroom

Ultimately, it’s your personal preference. You often want to choose a good, reliable size for a good, reasonable price. You don’t need a massive screen, but I wouldn’t go below 28 inch and I recommend about a 32 inch or larger.

Too big, and you’ll get a negative viewing experience and have a harder time finding somewhere to put it. It needs to be the right distance away from the ceiling and free from furniture.

The display needs to fill 30 degrees of your vision. Bigger TVs are great, but they’re more expensive. If you want to save some cash, smaller TVs can offer premium sound and screen quality.

How much does a good flat-screen TV you can see well cost?

how much does a good flat screen tv you can see well cost

Large 65-inch and up flat-screen TVs can cost anywhere from $450 to $1,000. You can buy HD TVs for under $500, with some priced as low as $200.

Remember that TVs are larger than you think so you can be flexible when it comes to opting for a 55-inch or smaller. Look for deals from places like SlickDeals from time to time for excellent TV price specials.

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