How Long Do Dyson Vacuums Last?

Dyson vacuums are made to last seven to ten years depending on the usage. But that doesn’t mean we can’t prolong their lifespan.

Taking good care of your Dyson vacuum can make it last as long as twenty years while still in perfect shape.

I’ve come across many people complaining about how often they’ve had to replace their Dyson vacuums. It could be that these homeowners aren’t using their Dyson vacuums as they should.

Here are some tips to ensure Dyson vacuums last longer than expected.

  • Only use them for everyday household cleaning
  • Check and clean brushes regularly
  • Avoid using the Dyson vacuum to clean leaves and other debris. It shouldn’t suck up water either
  • Clean the filters regularly and change them whenever necessary, like every three to six months
  • Don’t pass it over pipes and other obstructions
  • Empty its canister after every use

How Long Do Dyson Stick and Cordless Vacuums Last?

how long do dyson stick and cordless vacuums last

Dyson stick and cordless vacuums last seven to ten years. However, these vacs can last longer with proper care and maintenance. Although, you may need to replace the batteries in these vacuums at some point.

Regularly cleaning the filters and checking and cleaning the pipes and brushes are some of the best ways to prolong their lifespan. The battery’s well-being also ensures the vacuum lasts longer.

How Long Does the Cordless Vacuum Battery Last?

A Dyson cordless vacuum battery should last up to four years. But since this vacuum uses lithium batteries, the batteries may start having performance issues earlier. Once the cordless vacuum battery becomes ineffective, you can always replace it.

Luckily, Dyson vacuum vacs come with a 2-year battery warranty. The question of how long do Dyson vacuums last cannot be answered in entirety without analyzing battery life.

Dyson batteries last for 15-40 minutes during regular cleaning cycles. After this period, these batteries need charging to work again.

Once a Dyson battery undergoes several charging cycles, its performance will drop. Most Dyson vacuum batteries encounter performance issues in the fourth year.

I rely on the following signs to tell if a Dyson cordless vac needs a battery replacement.

  • Decreased vacuum run time (don’t rely on this sign if the vac is set to Max power mode)
  • More than 12 flashing lights appear on the cordless vac

Below are tips to ensure the battery lasts for at least the said period.

  • Fully discharge the battery once in a while
  • The battery should always remain at room temperature when not in use
  • Don’t use the cordless vacuum on high power when it isn’t necessary
  • Don’t put both the battery and motor under stress

Are Dyson Vacuums Reliable?

are dyson vacuums reliable

Yes, Dyson vacuums are considered reliable based on the customer ratings, rankings, and reviews on some major e-commerce platforms like amazon. These vacuums use high-end technologies, making them more efficient and user-friendly.

Most Dyson vacuums last long and still clean perfectly without showing any issues. For this reason, these vacuums have received a positive reputation worldwide.

However, it hasn’t been all smooth with all Dyson vacuum models. Dyson stick vacuums, for instance, have in the past received some reliability concerns, according to consumer reports. Among the issues include malfunctioning brushes and batteries.

So, how long do Dyson vacuums last? We can probably say Dyson stick vacuums won’t outlive other Dyson vacuum cleaners.

How Long Do Cordless Dyson Vacuums Take To Charge?

how long do cordless dyson vacuums take to charge

A Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner takes about 3.5 hours to charge fully.

Although the vacuums give a specific sign to show that you should plug them in, the signs differ depending on the model. For most models, a flashing blue light indicates the cordless vac’s battery is low.

How Long Does a Cordless Vacuum Last on One Full Charge?

The cordless vacuum cleaner should work for at least 20 to 30 minutes before recharging the battery when fully charged. But this timeline depends on the model of the Dyson cordless vacuum.

This timeline is enough for one to clean an averagely sized room. But that doesn’t stop us from recharging halfway through should the need arise. Let’s say one is cleaning a pretty messy room or that the room is too large.

I’m sure the 20 to 30 minutes won’t be enough to keep such rooms clean on one full charge.

Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Filter Life Expectancy

dyson vacuum cleaner filter life expectancy

There are two types of Dyson vacuum cleaner filters, washable and non-reusable/ non-washable filters.

The non-washable Dyson vacuum cleaner filters can last between six to twelve months, while washable filters have a longer life expectancy if washed once every month.

How Often Should You Replace Your Vacuum Filter?

I recommend replacing your vacuum filter every three to six months. But if the floor is usually dirty and you always use your vacuum, replace the filter early.

A vacuum filter captures dirt, dust, and other debris from the floor. It also ensures that all the captured debris doesn’t get back to the air once cleaned. That is why filters should always be at their best to work effectively.

Below are signs that your vac filter needs replacing.

  • A reduction in suction power of your vacuum
  • The filter is dirty
  • A foul odor emanating from the vacuum cleaner
  • The vacuum cleaner’s motor is overheating

Is a Stick Vacuum as Good as an Upright?

is a stick vacuum as good as an upright

A stick vac is as good as upright vac. While stick vacuums are generally lightweight and versatile, upright vacuums are more powerful and enduring.

Both stick and upright vacuum cleaners are excellent options but suit different users. Go for the stick vacuum if you live in a small compartment and seek a light, easy-to-use, handheld vacuum cleaner.

Upright vacuums suit homeowners with larger houses. These vacuum cleaners have high suction power, and they clean thoroughly compared to stick vacuums.

Where Does the Dirt Go In a Stick Vacuum?

When using a stick vacuum, the dirt collected from the floor moves from the vacuum’s cleaner head into its wand, then from the wand to the canister.

Empty the canister after every use to prolong the lifespan of the stick vacuum. The canister lies just below the vacuum’s motor.

Are Stick Vacuums Less Powerful?

Stick vacuums are less powerful. Their rival has more suction power, making them more powerful and excellent for cleaning thick carpets and bare floors.

This doesn’t mean powerful stick vacuums don’t exist. There are pretty powerful stick vacuums, but they are relatively expensive.

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