How Many Times Can You Use A Magic Eraser?

How Many Times Can a Magic Eraser Be Used?

how many times can a magic eraser be used

A Magic Eraser is a cleaning product that can only be used so many times before replacing it. It breaks down over time, just like a pencil eraser.

The number of times the eraser can be used depends on how you use it. The eraser may only last for one use if you apply heavy pressure, but some light scrubbing may last for dozens of uses.

The eraser works similar to an exfoliant to remove stains rather than dissolve them as other cleaners do. When you are finished cleaning your magic eraser, let it air dry. This will extend the life of your eraser.

Do Magic Erasers Wear Out?

Magic Erasers can wear out over time and fall apart after repeated use. Heavy, daily use and rough handling can make a Magic Eraser wear out quickly, so it’s best to buy more than one if you plan on using it regularly.

Saving Money on Replacing Worn Out Magic Erasers

saving money on replacing worn out magic erasers

The costs of using Magic Erasers can add up based on how often you use them to clean. These are some ways I have found to save money when it comes to replacing them after they wear out.

Cutting them into quarters can extend the life of each sponge. This is especially useful if you’re cleaning smaller areas like removing sticker residue from an item. By using a smaller piece, the integrity of the entire eraser is not compromised by repeated wetting and drying.

You can also save money by buying a generic brand Magic Eraser. There are many brands that you can test out to see which one you prefer. You can find them at dollar stores, at Walmart, or order them online in bulk.

Using a microfiber cloth to clean instead is a simple and inexpensive substitute for Magic Erasers. A cleaning cloth may initially cost more than a package of Magic Erasers, but they will last far longer and can be washed and reused many more times, saving you money in the long run. Depending on what you’re cleaning, adding baking soda to the cloth can be abrasive enough to remove dirt.

Magic Erasers were never intended to be a primary cleaning tool for the home and cost more if they are used often. You can also save money by making sure what you’re cleaning requires the use of a Magic Eraser. Because of the abrasiveness, sometimes a Magic Eraser is not the right cleaning tool.

For example, you’ll want to avoid using the eraser on nonstick pots and pans, stainless steel, or marble countertops. On the other hand, they work great on walls, porcelain, and baseboards. If you’re ever in doubt, spot treat a small area first.

How Can I Make My Magic Eraser Last Longer?

how can i make my magic eraser last longer

There are several things you can do to extend the life of your Magic Eraser. The first is to make sure only to use it when necessary. The eraser sponge is excellent for removing scuffs, markers, and stubborn stains that are difficult to remove with other cleaning products.

Make sure that you are using the eraser on smooth surfaces to minimize crumbling. If you scrub rough areas with it, such as grout, it will begin disintegrating quickly.

Before use, wetting the sponge will increase its effectiveness because the dirt will bind to it rather than be spread across the surface. The moisture will also minimize wear. It only needs to be damp, so you can spritz it with a spray bottle or run it under water and ring it out.

Cutting it into smaller pieces can also make one sponge last longer. That way, the entire sponge isn’t being wet and used to scrub with all at once.

Finally, when you’re done using the Magic Eraser, let it air dry so that it doesn’t crumble as quickly from staying wet for an extended period.

What Is in a Magic Eraser That Makes It Work?

what is in a magic eraser that makes it work

Melamine foam is the key ingredient in magic erasers and is made up of rigid microstructures similar to sandpaper. The compound, composed of a crystalline solid derived from inorganic materials, is found in other products, such as dry erase boards, insulation, and Formica.

The foam can clean almost any stained surface with only water and scrubs away stains with just a few quick strokes. The downside is that the magic eraser wears down quickly.

There are a couple of factors that make a magic eraser work. The porous material has high-density air pockets inside that lift dirt and debris when the sponge is dampened. The foam is hard like glass yet sturdy and flexible like a sponge, making it an ideal abrasive for stain removal.

Why Do Magic Erasers Fall Apart?

why do magic erasers fall apart

Due to their porosity, which helps loosen and pick up dirt and the pressure applied when scrubbing them, they will begin crumbling over time. The upside to this is that it is easier to clean because it dissolves without damaging the surface.

What Can I Use Instead of Magic Eraser?

what can i use instead of magic eraser

There are a couple of worthy substitutes for a Magic Eraser. You can use cellulose sponges along with a do-it-yourself cleaning solution or purchase melamine sponges.

You can create an expensive cleaning solution by combining a tablespoon of Borax, a teaspoon of baking soda. Next, add 1/4 cup of hot water and mix until the powder has dissolved. When you’re ready to clean, soak the sponge in the solution before scrubbing.

The benefit of using the solution with a cellulose sponge is that it does not begin to crumble apart as quickly as a Magic Eraser.

But if you’d prefer to use something similar to a Magic Eraser, you can purchase a melamine sponge. Melamine foam is a great way to clean without damaging materials. It’s abrasive, like fine-grit sandpaper, but like a Magic Eraser, it disintegrates when it is used.

Melamine foam is made of the same material as Magic Erasers. They are just as effective for cleaning surfaces, and there are significant savings when purchasing a generic version of the cleaning sponge.

Generic melamine foam magic erasers can be found at most dollar stores, and you can find them in bulk on Amazon.

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