How To Clean Moccasins At Home

When it comes to moccasins, using a harsh chemical cleanser means you could ruin the leather or other material.

Don’t worry, though: there are ways you can safely remove stains and dirt and keep those wonderful moccasins lookin’ good!

How Do You Clean Stinky Moccasins?

how do you clean stinky moccasins

So how do you get the stink out of your moccasins? First, you want to brush off any excess dirt on the outside of the shoes. An old toothbrush is ideal for this task.

Next, get a cleaning cloth wet using cold water. Add a couple of drops of mild laundry soap or shampoo and rub off any dirt or stains using a circular motion.

After that, rinse the rag of all soap residue and gently wipe the moccasins to remove any leftover soap from the surface of the outer moccasin material. If you’re having trouble getting any particular spots out, you can use the brush, and a little elbow grease, to do the trick.

If your moccasins have leather laces, they can build up natural oil residue, which might make them more prone to easily coming undone. You can soak the laces alone in cold water. Then let them dry naturally to shrink the leather so they stay tied.

How Do You Keep Moccasins From Smelling?

Since most people wear moccasins with bare feet, sweat can get trapped inside your shoes, resulting in a sweaty odor. Leftover moisture in your moccasins can produce a ripe, foul smell that might make you want to throw them out.

Though all shoes make your feet sweat to one extent or the other, the material of classic moccasins requires additional consideration when thinking about how to clean moccasins at home.

Other than washing them regularly, you can also sprinkle table salt into the moccasins, which will help soak up the sweat that makes your shoes stink. You can also sprinkle baking soda into the shoes and let them sit overnight.

The next day, tap the shoes over a trash can to get rid of the extra baking soda. The soda absorbs sweat and odors from the lining of the moccasins.

You can also buy a shoe deodorizer to prevent your mocassins from getting funky.

How Do You Take Care of Moccasins?

how do you take care of moccasins

If you want your moccasins to have a long-lasting life, taking care of them is crucial to keeping them in good shape for an extended period. To prevent having to wash them all the time, you can spray the moccasins with a stain and moisture repellent made specifically for leather goods.

There are spot and stain protector products you can use as well. Depending on how much you wear them, you usually use these weekly or monthly to protect your moccasins. Unlike other shoes, moccasins need a little bit of specialized care to properly maintain them.

While they are durable and comfortable, if you don’t take proper care before and after washing your moccasins, you might end up wasting a great pair of shoes you can wear inside, outside, and everywhere.

Can You Machine Wash Leather Moccasins?

can you machine wash leather moccasins

While it’s best to clean leather by hand and not submerge it in water to avoid shrinkage, it is possible to use a washing machine to clean moccasins at home. Again, you want to use a very gentle detergent or shampoo even while machine washing leather moccasins.

Remember that you only need a little bit of soap to clean your moccasins effectively.

It’s recommended that you wash the moccasins separately from any other laundry items. You’ll want to set the machine to a gentle cycle option. Make sure you let them finish the spin cycle, as it will significantly shorten dry time. Do not use sunlight to dry out the moccasins, as this can dry out the natural oils in the shoes and make them stiff or even cause them to shrink.

You can stop your moccasins from becoming stiff by putting on a pair of socks and wearing the moccasins while they are still damp. This technique lets your feet form the moccasins back to their original shape.

For this method to be effective, be sure to wear them for a good while. Then you can take your moccasins off your feet and let them finish air-drying.

Will Moccasins Shrink in the Dryer?

will moccasins shrink in the dryer

Yes, moccasins will shrink in the dryer. That much direct heat could easily ruin the shoes. You should allow the shoes to air dry when you clean moccasins at home.

Don’t put your moccasins in the dryer, or they will likely shrivel up and might even be too small for you to wear again when they eventually dry. To avoid this fiasco, be sure you dry your moccasins carefully when cleaning them at home.

How to Dry Them Properly

To help your moccasins air-dry faster, you can hand blot moisture from the shoes using a dry towel or cloth. Try to blot as much moisture from the outer material as you can.

You can also stuff newspaper or paper towels inside the shoes to help better soak up excess liquid and allow them to dry even more quickly. Once the papers get soaked, throw them away and replace them with dry ones.

You should never put your moccasins near a direct source of heat, such as the oven, a hairdryer, or a furnace. Like the dryer, these methods can lead to truly tragic shrinkage when cleaning your moccasins at home.

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