How To Get Lint Off Clothes Without A Lint Roller

Lint is one of those annoying things you have to deal with, especially with certain fabrics. A lint roller is nice to have, but what if you don’t have one?

I’ll show you some great ways to get rid of lint without one.

Why do clothes get lint on them?

why do clothes get lint on them

For some people, the reason that lint gets on clothes is a complete mystery. However, the truth is not so mysterious. There are several reasons for this.

The first is that clothes with loose fibers longer than the rest of the fabric tend to create lint when in contact with your clothes or other materials in the laundry load. These items include towels, sheets, and even jeans if they aren’t pre-washed. Another reason for lint is frequently washing certain types of clothing together.

While it’s okay to do this occasionally, you’re more likely to get lint on your clothes if you do it regularly. This lint collection happens because small particles accumulate in the water and end up on all of your clothes when washed together.

10 ways to remove lint from clothes without a roller

10 ways to remove lint from clothes without a roller

While using a lint roller is often the most common way of getting rid of lint, you don’t need one to get the job done. Here are ten ways you can get rid of lint without using a roller.

Wash clothes inside out

Turning your clothes inside out before you put them in the washing machine can help prevent lint from accumulating on your clothes. It’s not foolproof, but it does work occasionally.

Wash with distilled white vinegar

Using distilled white vinegar during the wash cycle is another way to remove lint from your clothes. All you have to do is add a half cup of vinegar to the machine (you can use more if necessary) and let it run as usual. The vinegar will break down any particles that may be lingering on the fabric.

Use the air dry only dryer setting

If you’re worried about lint accumulating on your clothes, then switching to the air-dry only setting will help. This is because lint accumulation mostly happens during the drying process. If you don’t use heat when drying your clothes, there won’t be any lint left behind.

Dryer sheets

You likely already have dryer sheets on hand. If so, then you can use them to prevent lint from forming on your clothes. These sheets will coat the fabric and create a thin barrier that prevents most pieces of lint from attaching themselves to your clothes or other materials that you’re washing.

Use a pumice stone

A pumice stone is a natural way to remove excessive lint and pet hair from clothes without chemicals, and it’s pretty simple. All you have to do is rub the stone over the surface of your clothes or other fabric to get rid of any small particles of dust that might be lingering on them.

Cloth brush

If you don’t like the idea of using a pumice stone, then you can use a cloth lint brush instead. A cloth brush works similarly to a lint remover to get rid of any dust or lint that’s clinging to your clothes. If you don’t have a cloth brush, an old toothbrush could help get rid of lint.


If you have a hairdryer available, then you can use it to remove lint from clothes. All you have to do is direct the airflow at your clothes and any nearby fabrics (such as other pieces in the laundry load). The high-powered stream of air will remove the particles that cling to your clothing or other materials.

Masking tape, invisible tape, or contact paper

If you don’t have a hairdryer, try masking tape, packing tape, sticky tape, invisible Scotch tape, or contact paper. While these aren’t exactly the cheapest items to use for removing lint from clothes, they’re an option that you can try. Just press the tape down on your clothes, and it should remove any particles of lint that are clinging to them.

Anti-static spray

Using an anti-static spray prevents lint from forming on your clothes and helps with lint removal. All you have to do is spray a light mist of the liquid over the fabric, and it will create an invisible barrier that keeps lint from sticking to them.

Use a scouring pad

A scouring pad is one of the most effective ways to remove lint from clothes. If you don’t have any on hand, you can use a loofah or dish scrubber instead. All you need to do is press the tool down over the surface of your clothes, and it will pick up any stubborn pieces that won’t come off with a simple swipe from your hand.

Can you remove lint with a razor?

can you remove lint with a razor

You have to be careful when using a razor on clothes because you can damage your clothing if you’re not careful. In addition, there’s always the risk of cutting yourself while you use it. If you want to get lint off with a razor, then the safest way is to rub it over the surface of your clothes. That should pick up most dust particles and lint clinging to your clothes or other fabrics in the load that needs cleaning.

How do you reduce or prevent lint on clothes?

how do you reduce or prevent lint on clothes

The best way to reduce the presence of lint on your clothes is to buy a lightweight fabric. Fabrics that are heavier tend to hold onto lint particles more often, which means you’ll have to wash them more frequently. If possible, choose natural fabrics such as cotton or flannel rather than synthetics like nylon.

If you prefer lighter materials, make sure you use the lowest heat setting for washing and drying your clothes, so it doesn’t damage or stretch out the fabric. In addition, make sure you wash new clothing before wearing it because they sometimes contain chemicals that cause an allergic reaction in some people.

How do you get lint off black clothes?

how do you get lint off black clothes

When dealing with lint on black clothes, you have to be very careful, or the particles will appear prominently. In this case, your best option is to use a fabric softener when you do laundry. It coats all fabrics with a thin film of fat molecules, preventing lint particles from clinging onto them.

The more regularly you use fabric softener, the less likely it will be for lint to build upon your clothes. Another thing you can use to remove fuzz balls from your black clothes is a fabric shaver.

How do I get lint off my clothes in the dryer?

how do i get lint off my clothes in the dryer

One of the best ways to get lint off your clothes in a dryer with a lint filter is to use a fabric softener sheet. Just toss it into the dryer with your load, and they will stick onto any particles that are clinging onto your clothes.

You can also try using the air dry only setting on your dryer. Any lint that’s lingering on your clothes will end up stuck to a surface in the drum. Then, when it comes time to clean out the inside of the appliance, you’ll find a heavy buildup of particles from all the clothing you’ve dried over time.

Do lint catcher balls work?

do lint catcher balls work

Lint balls are a commonly sold product that claims to help prevent lint from forming on your clothes. They work by releasing a small amount of fabric softener each time you dry a load of clothes. Some people swear by them while others claim they don’t work, so the jury is still out on their effectiveness.

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