How To Get Scentsy Wax Out Of Clothes

Wax can be overwhelming to deal with when you get it on your clothes. Don’t stress out! Here are some great ways to get Scentsy wax out of your clothing fabric and get back to normal.

What is in Scentsy Wax?

what is in scentsy wax

Scentsy wax is a popular alternative to traditional candle wax. It’s a paraffin wax blend with a low melting point. Most people heat Scentsy in a wax warmer, creating bold scents without having to worry about any dangerous wicks, smoke, or soot.

Removing Scentsy Wax From Clothes (Basics to Know)

removing scentsy wax from clothes

If you get melted wax on your clothing, there’s no need to worry. Here, I’m going to give you a rundown of how to get Scentsy wax out of clothes in just a few simple steps.

1. Let the Wax Dry

While it might seem counterintuitive, it’s best to let spilled wax dry before attempting to remove it from clothing. Fresh, liquid wax is easy to spread to other areas of a garment if you’re not careful. What’s more, hot wax can soak into clothes, leaving a permanent stain.

Instead of trying to blot with a paper towel or scrape a hot wax spill from clothes, it’s best to let the wax dry first. Simply let the wax sit up to 24 hours at room temperature or until it’s cool and hard to the touch. You can also dry excess wax more quickly by sticking clothing in the fridge or freezer.

2. Scrape and Remove the Hardened Wax

Once the wax is hard, you can easily scrape it from the surface of your clothes without spreading it. Spread the fabric taut and, using a blunt knife, gently scrape underneath the wax spot and lift. The wax may come off as a solid piece or break into separate segments that need removal.

Why Should I Use a Blunt Knife?

Always use a dull blade such as a butter knife when removing hard wax from textiles. With a blunt knife, you don’t risk ripping or picking at most fabrics. A blunt knife is also less likely to cut you as you work.

In some cases, you may want to ditch even your dullest kitchen knife for a spoon. Loose-knit fabrics such as wool or delicate fabrics such as silk are easy to damage even with a butter knife blade.

3. Soften or Re-melt the Wax Stain

Once you’ve scraped the bulk of the hard wax from your clothing, you may still have greasy residue leftover. The final step in removing a Scentsy from clothing is re-melting and washing away the remaining wax.

Melting Scentsy Wax Using Boiled Water

melting scentsy wax using boiled water

Once you’ve dried and scraped off the bulk of spilled wax, you can concentrate on removing the greasy stain left behind. Boiling water is one of the easiest ways to remove wax leftover from a spill.

Pouring boiling water over a wax stain helps soften and lift residue as wax is naturally hydrophobic. Simply pull the fabric taut, apply boiling water, and wash as usual to remove the stain.

For large or stubborn wax stains, it may be best to soak your clothing in boiling water for removal. Add a few tablespoons of baking soda to protect textiles, especially those colored with sensitive dyes. Then, boil clothing by dipping in water for a minute or so at a time until the stain lifts.

Using an Iron to Remove the Spilled Wax

using an iron to remove the spilled wax

Boiling water can sometimes be too harsh on sensitive textiles such as wool. Knowing how to get Scentsy wax out of clothes using a warm iron can help to save some of your more delicate garments.

First, place paper towels or blotting paper on top of the clothing you plan to iron. Doing this will protect the fabric from excessive heat, and it will ensure that no wax residue makes its way onto your iron’s hotplate.

Using your iron on a low setting, press it briefly to the wax stain. Continue doing this until it lifts out of the fabric and into the paper towel or blotting paper. Once you remove the wax, wash your garment as usual.

How to Use a Blow Dryer to Remove the Wax Spill

how to use a blow dryer to remove the wax spill

The high heat from irons can damage fabrics such as silk, and so it’s best to avoid using irons with wax stains. A blow dryer offers a safe and readily available alternative, allowing you to heat wax stains on delicate items without causing any damage.

As when using an iron, the first step is to lay paper towels over the affected area to protect the fabric. Blow warm air on the stain in five-second intervals until the wax has melted and lifted into the paper towel.

When all of the wax is gone, don’t forget to give your clothing a final wash. Doing this will remove any last residue and leave textiles looking like new.

Using Vegetable Oil

using vegetable oil

While you may be hesitant to use oil on clothing, it offers a cheap and effective way to remove a wax melt. However, keep in mind that an oil cleanser will require its own cleanup. You should reserve this method for minor, easily manageable wax stains.

Simply apply vegetable oil to the wax stain on your clothing, using a toothbrush to work the oil into the fabric fibers. Oil is hydrophilic, meaning it will attract the wax and lift it from clothing. Afterward, wash clothing as usual.

Dealing With a Vegetable Oil Stain

While vegetable oil can effectively remove a wax spill, it will leave behind a stain of its own on most fabrics. Fortunately, most commercial stain removers can target and remove oil stains without difficulty. The next time you wash stained clothing, apply stain remover as per the instructions on the label to remove a vegetable oil stain.

Removing Scentsy Wax From Sofa Fabric

removing scentsy wax from sofa fabric

Knowing how to get Scentsy wax out of clothes is one thing, but what about upholstery?

The method for removing Scentsy wax from sofa fabric is similar to lifting it from clothing textiles. To avoid any long-lasting stains, you need to melt and scrape off the bulk, then clean the leftover residue.

You should sponge or scrub the area with dish detergent to remove the remaining wax. You can wash away excess wax and detergent using clean, warm water.

How Do You Get Scentsy Wax Out of Carpet?

how do you get scentsy wax out of carpet

The best way to get Scentsy wax out of your carpet is by using the iron method. Dry and scrape away the bulk of the wax spill, then lay a paper towel over the area. Slowly heat the area to draw the wax out of carpet fibers and into the paper towel using a warm iron.

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