Should You Wash Clothes Inside Out?

Laundry seems so simple to do but some things can help your clothes last longer and wash better. Read on to learn the facts about washing clothes inside out and much more!

Should You Wash Clothes Inside Out?

should you wash clothes inside out

Generally speaking, the answer is yes, you should wash your clothes inside out. It protects your garments from fading and other damage, like pilling, on the outside.

You’ll also be putting any sweat stains into closer contact with the warm water and the detergent meaning they’ll get cleaner more easily.

What happens if you don’t wash clothes inside out?

If you just throw your dirty clothes straight from the laundry bag into the washing machine as is, you aren’t doing yourself any favors.

Sure, they’re getting clean, but they’re also getting beat around more than a tumbleweed in a windstorm in the desert. You run the risk of fading, fraying, and further damage by exposing the exterior colors to the hot water.

As a rule, it’s also a good idea to unbutton shirts.

Should sweatshirts be washed inside out?

Yes, you should also wash your sweatshirts inside out. The same is true here as is above. You’ll protect your sweatshirts from fading, pilling, and other damage.

You do want to wash your sweatshirts less frequently than other clothes, however, and it helps to wash them with similar items to avoid tears and holes. So, no jean jackets or cleats in the same load.

What is the correct way to do laundry?

what is the correct way to do laundry

Steps for doing your laundry correctly

1. Separate clothes by type or fabric

Firstly, you want to read the care labels when washing clothes. Every kind of fabric has a different reaction to heat, water, and detergents so they have different cleaning processes.

If anything says dry clean only, wash separately, or hand-wash only, put it to the side. You could take a chance in the washing machine, but there’s a risk of damaging sensitive fabrics.

2. Separate dark and light colors

Next, separate everything into piles by color and then again by fabric if you have enough clothes to make another load. If not, loads by color are sufficient.

3. Add the correct type and amount of detergent

Pick an all-purpose laundry detergent and follow the instructions on the bottle for how much to use. Pour it into the drum before your clothes.

Load everything into the washer inside out, obviously, but don’t overfill it.

4. Choose the correct wash cycle and temperature

Unless your clothes are super dirty, you can wash them with cold water and on the “normal” cycle. You may have need to use “delicate” or “heavy-duty” for certain things like silk or jeans respectively.

5. Dry after washing

As soon as the washer is done, remove your clothes and hang them out to dry or put them in the dryer to reduce wrinkles and prevent mildew.

How often should clothes be washed?

How often depends on several things: the type of garment, the type of work you do, the weather, and your body. Here are some general laundry tips::

Wash Every Time You Wear:

  1. Underwear
  2. Socks
  3. T-shirts, camisoles, and tank tops
  4. Leggings, tights
  5. Bathing suits
  6. Whites and silks
  7. Clothes with stains

Washing Can Wait:

  1. Pajamas = 3-4 wears
  2. Jeans = 3 wears
  3. Bras = 2-3 wears with a rest day in between for elastic
  4. Suits = 3-4 wears for wool, 4-5 wears for synthetic fabrics
  5. Outer clothes (like dress shirts and khakis) = 2-3 wears

Is it OK to put detergent directly on clothes?

is it ok to put detergent directly on clothes

No, it’s not OK to put detergent directly on your clothes. You should put the detergent into the drum before loading your clothes or into the special detergent drawer if there is one.

If the detergent is on your clothes it can’t dissolve completely and it will leave a spot on your garments.

Should you turn clothes inside out before putting them in the dryer?

should you turn clothes inside out before putting them in the dryer

You can, but there’s no need to turn them inside out for the dryer. If you plan on air-drying your clothes outside in the sun, though, you should turn them inside out to prevent the colors from fading due to the ultraviolet light.

Why do clothes tend to turn inside out in the dryer?

why do clothes tend to turn inside out in the dryer

Clothes are usually sewn together inside out and then turned so the seams are on the inside. Spinning in the dryer allows your clothes to return to their relaxed state of inside out.

Are clothes more likely to turn inside-out in the washer or dryer?

Clothes are just as likely to turn inside-out in the washer as in the dryer. Both machines jostle your clothes around for quite some time, and at rather high speeds.

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