What Are Laundry Bleach Pods?

What are laundry bleach pods and what do you need to know about them? Read on to learn more!

What Are Laundry Bleach Pods (Bleach Packs)?

what are laundry bleach pods bleach packs

Some top laundry detergent brands now offer products in pod form – small packets of soap and other cleaning agents you can throw right into the washing machine. Now you can get the same for bleach, too.

Laundry bleach pods, or bleach packs, are small solid chunks of bleach that are usually wrapped in a thin clear plastic. Laundry bleach pods, much like regular bleach, can be used in your laundry to remove stains from your clothes. They’re a convenient alternative to using regular liquid bleach.

Bleach packs can be put in with your laundry load to help remove stains without exposing you to liquid bleach which can lead to toxic odors and frustrating bleach spills.

How Much Do Bleach Pods Cost?

Regular laundry bleach pods are just as affordable as other mainstream cleaning pod products. Some brands offer containers of bleach pods for as low as five dollars while other premium brands offer similar products at a higher cost.

Some alternative kinds of pods cost upwards of $16 for a 24 pack and around $30 for a bag of 60.

Depending on where you shop, you may be able to save money in the long run by buying larger containers of bleach pods in bulk.

How Do Bleach Pods Work?

how do bleach pods work

A bleach pod is made of a solid form of chlorine bleach inside a soluble plastic type of wrapper. The pod will activated when it comes in contact with water:

  1. The pod wrapper will dissolve, exposing the bleach.
  2. The water will cause the bleach crystals to dissolve.
  3. Liquified bleach will now begin cleaning your clothes.

When the pods are activated the chlorine bleach will oxidize the dirt and germs on your clothing. Oxidation is a process where oxygen breaks down chemical bonds, breaking down the stain matter you’re trying to remove from your clothes.

The chemical properties of bleach make it perfect for killing germs, breaking down stains, and leaving clothes brighter and whiter.

How Do You Use Bleaching Laundry Pods?

how do you use bleaching laundry pods

To use a bleaching laundry pod, simply place a pod into the drum of your washing machine (the big container where the clothes go).

When you turn your washing machine on, the water that fills the machine will cause the bleach pod to dissolve, allowing the bleach to clean your clothes.

How Many Bleach Pods Do You Need?

how many bleach pods do you need

In most cases you should only need one bleach pod per a load of laundry. These pods have been precisely measured out by the manufacturer to ensure that it is the right amount for a regular load of laundry.

Common Questions For Laundry Bleach Packs/Bleach Pods

Here are some common questions about laundry bleach packs.

Do I still need a detergent pod when using a laundry bleach pack?

Yes, you still need to use laundry detergent when using a bleach pack with your laundry. Bleach is an additional substance to enhance the cleaning outcome of your laundry load, but detergent is still the primary cleaning agent.

Since laundry detergent is a type of soap, it produces the fatty suds that are necessary for breaking down the dirt and oils on your clothing.

Is there chlorine in Clorox bleach packs?

Yes, there is chlorine in Clorox control bleach packs. This shouldn’t be an issue for household use since the chlorine is only released when the pack dissolves in water, making it easy to avoid direct contact.

Do you need bleach pods if already using Tide pods?

Using a bleach pod for every load of laundry isn’t necessary if you already use Tide Pods. Tide Pods are detergent, and detergent is the most important substance for getting your clothes clean.

However, Tide Pods do not contain bleach, so if you want the cleaning effect of bleach, you will still need to add a bleach pack to your load of laundry.

Can you use laundry bleach pods in a dishwasher?

Never put bleach pods or any other form of bleach into a dishwasher. Because it is extremely dangerous to consume bleach you should never put bleach into contact with anything that may be going into your mouth such as dishes, cups, and utensils.

Are laundry bleach pods safe for your septic system?

Generally speaking, if you use bleach pods or other forms of bleach at an average rate, it shouldn’t cause problems for your septic system.

How can you use a bleach pack for toilet cleaning?

Yes, you can use a bleach pack to clean a toilet, as well as other areas of your bathroom. Placing a bleach pod in water and gently stirring it will allow the pod to dissolve, and you can then use it as liquid bleach.

To clean a toilet efficiently, you can place a bleach pack directly into the water tank, and stir it to dissolve.

Can you use bleach pods for colored clothes?

Do not use bleach pods or other forms of bleach on colored clothes. Due to the oxidizing properties of bleach it can remove the dye from your clothes and turn them white.

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