What Color Roof Shingles Are Best For A Red Brick Home?

Whether you’re building a new home or changing your existing roof, picking the right color shingles will make a great impact on how attractive your home will be. So what color roof shingles for red brick homes are the best?

Let’s dig in and find out.

Choosing shingle colors for a red brick house: what to consider

what to consider when choosing shingle colors for a red brick house

The color of your roof’s shingles needs to go with your home’s exterior. Different types of bricks will have shades and casts of other colors. For example, types of red bricks could be:

  • Red/brown
  • Red/black
  • Red/pink
  • Red/tan
  • Red/gray

As well as casts, such as brown, gray, black, pink, buff, cream, and other brick casts.

You should consider the main color of your bricks, the basic color cast of the brick or stone, and shadowing.

Another major point to consider – How will your bricks fade in time under direct sunlight, and how that faded color will match with your roof’s color?

It’s important not to pick a color that will clash with your brick’s tone – or that looks too much alike. Clashing colors can affect people viewing them. They are considered ugly and turn people away from the home.

Colors that are too much alike to your brick’s shade will cause the home to seem boring and uninteresting.

Colors that create hormones with each other are the best options. They bring life to the home and create the most positive visual impact.

How it impacts your home’s visual exterior

The color of your roof will add to the appeal. It makes up about 40% of what someone sees from the road of your home, so picking the right color combination will make a great effect on the resale value.

Homes with higher pitches show even more of the roof’s color. If your roof’s color increases the beauty of the red brick, it will draw the eye in and up. Features such as gables and dormers will stand out, rather than get overlooked.

A roof color that matches the trim and shutters, but not the brick, will make your home’s appeal stick out and feel out-of-place, instead of showing its unique features.

How to choose a roof color for a brick house

how to choose a shingle roof color for a house

Red bricks are widely used in construction, and it’s easy to see why: they’re a timeless beauty. Homes with red bricks offer a design that lasts, classy, cheap to maintain, and that will stand the test of time.

Red bricks work with every type of house – modern, high-tech homes look great, as well as simple country cottages.

The color of your trim and roof will not only tie in the overall beauty of your home, but will also help influence how others see it, how we feel about its appearance, and even how someone would classify the house’s design.

How to choose a roof shingle color

You will have to live with the color you pick for a long time. Before you pick just a basic color, consider a few other areas of your home.

The shape of your house will affect how your roof looks, and areas that you see a lot more will become a place your eye is drawn to.

Another point to consider is the general vibe you want your house to give. Are you going for something warm and welcoming? How about historic and elegant? Stylish and modern color options will be very different than a roof that creates a dramatic and bold look.

Color has a psychological effect on how we see something, and the roof shingle color can determine how we feel about the home (such as excited, calm, etc.)

Think about your location also. You want your home’s roof to go with the natural environment around it – or for an ultra-modern home, maybe a color combination that makes it quickly stand out.

Finally, make sure that you’re picking a color that will keep the home’s style for many years to come – a trendy, new color may not stand the test of time.

The best roof color for red brick houses

best roof colors for red brick houses

Redbrick homes are often paired with the same group of roof shingle colors: Gray, green, black, and dark brown. However, you can move outside that common four-color combo and pair your red brick with something brighter and more exciting.

If you do not see a large portion of your red brick’s roof, then you will want to pick a neutral color (like sable) that goes with darker undertones in the brick.

Bricks with mid-tones are best paired with warmer colors, such as reds or oranges.

Homes that have bricks with both grays and warm tones will pair best with warmer tones, such as slate gray shingles.

If your home currently looks more “traditional,” and you’re looking to completely change the overall feel, then a color change to a bolder hue will help create that transition.

Examples of matching roof colors for different brick colors

matching roof colors for different brick colors

Brick homes are not just red, though – some have beautiful Earth tones or other eye-catching color combinations.

Other great color combos:

  • Bricks with casts that are brown, gold, or tan will pair with warm-colored tiles.
  • Gray casts pair with cooler colors and gray blends. Darker gray roofs can increase and bring attention to your exterior’s natural colors.
  • White casts are softening. Homes with white bricks should consider mid-tone colors (instead of dark shingles) to give more appeal to the home’s architecture.
  • If you’re not sure of what singular cast your brick has, find a shingle style that comes in a multi-color blend. As long as one of the roof’s primary colors looks like your brick color, it will blend!

Light gray bricks look great with green, blue, black, white, and dark gray colors.

Beige, white, and cream bricks can match will almost anything, but will blend best with browns, greens, and blues. If you’re looking to make a dramatic statement, pair a white brick with a deep red roof.

Homes with weathered woods will pair with grays, blacks, and browns the best. Multi-colored roofs with shades of green will make a weathered wood home really pop!

Popular roof shingle colors

popular roof shingle colors

Homeowners have a real love/hate relationship with colors – and textures.

Wood keeps going in and out of style, which makes it hard to pick the best color combination for your roof. Experts often refer back to past color trends to predict the top colors for the future. Often, the colors at the top of the list come from nature.

The most popular shingle colors

The region your home resides in will often affect the final color choice of your roof.

Dark colors are considered a classic, but lighter colors with softer hues are a top roofing trend for 2020.

Top shingle colors include:

  • Nature-inspired colors like black oak, aged cedar, and Sedona red.
  • The spectrum of grays is always a top-pick, ranging from light cobblestone to dark charcoal.
  • Neutrals are considered boring but safe options, such as creams and tans.
  • Dark roofs with brightly tinted exteriors are popular among young homeowners.
  • Pacific Wave is ranked as the best 2020 Shingle Color. This is a primarily gray color palette, with hints of charcoal, pale blue, and dark blue.

What roofing colors are available in other material types?

what roofing colors are available in other material types

Shingles are the perfect roofing material for most homes across the country. However, other roofing materials may be suitable for homes in extreme climates, or those who wish to change up the style of their home.

The most popular asphalt roofing colors

Regions that experience a lot of cold or have extreme winters may want to use an asphalt roof.

Asphalt absorbs the heat, which helps in areas that stay cold year-round.

Single-colored grays are among the most popular asphalt roofing colors.

Light grays and dark grays alike are great go-to for homes of any color.

The most popular metal roofing colors

Metal roofs are a popular choice for regions that experience a lot of heat.

Metal roofs reflect the heat, which will make your home cooler.

Top metal roof colors include:

  1. Dark or deep bronze
  2. Hartford green
  3. Slate gray
  4. Matte black
  5. Bone white
  6. Colonial red
  7. Medium bronze
  8. Mansard brown

Matching roof colors for homes with many textures

matching roof colors for homes with many textures

If your home has more than one texture or material, it can be even harder to find the perfect color for your roof.

Find the main color

Your first step towards finding the best color roof shingles for your red brick and secondary material home will be to figure out what the primary color of your home is.

If you have a majority of red bricks with a gray cast, go with a color blend that is primarily gray.

If your home has a lot of browns, try pairing your roof color and brick by using a dark gray or black to blend the earthy colors.

Older homes that don’t have as much insulation may want to go for a lighter-colored roof, to reduce the amount of heat that the roof absorbs. In that case, try to pair your color with the mid-tones of your exterior materials.

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