What Happened To Dryer Bars? Does Bounce Still Make Them?

Dryer bars came into the world just as fast as they left it. They jumped in popularity as users fell in love with the low maintenance that came in the form of dryer bars.

Whatever happened to Bounce bars? Can we still buy them? Keep reading to find out.

What is a dryer bar and why were they popular?

what is a dryer bar and why were they popular

Dryer bars are simply a bar form of dryer sheets. Dryer bars can last anywhere from 2 to 4 months and attach to the side of a dryer by a plastic holder, meaning that they’re much longer lasting than most available in stores currently.

They provide lasting fragrance as well as help to remove static cling and dry clothes faster.

What happened to dryer bars?

what happened to dryer bars

Many avid users were shocked when all of a sudden, dryer bars disappeared from Walmart and Target shelves.

When questioned, Bounce, the company that created dryer bars, gave simple answers that did little to satisfy discouraged customers – dryer bards were discontinued basically due to marketing decisions.

Are dryer bars still being made?

Unfortunately, dryer bars are no longer in production. Bounce released that the dryer bars were no longer going to be in production or distribution.

Why were dryer bars discontinued?

Bounce declared that they discontinued the production of dryer bars due to a lack of demand. Sadly, many avid users were distraught and even made a petition to bring back Bounce dryer bars. T

heir petition was not successful, and dryer bars are no longer produced. Some consumers thought they might be discontinued due to faulty design.

What are some good alternatives to dryer bars?

what are some good alternatives to dryer bars

There are tons of great alternatives to dryer bars to choose from that are similarly free of harmful chemicals. In fact, Scentsy has come out with a similar product hoping to succeed where the dryer bar failed: Scentsy dryer disks.

Alternatively, we can even make a type of replacement at home with stuff we already have!

What are Scentsy dryer disks?

what are scentsy dryer disks

Following Bounce’s example, Scentsy seeks to grow the market with their dryer disks. Scentsy dryer disks share the same concept of a product to take the place of dryer sheets that lasts longer and does a better job.

Dryer disks are placed on top of the pile of laundry in the dryer, meaning they’re not attached to the side of the machine like dryer bars were.

How long does a Scentsy dryer disk last?

Scentsy claims that a single disk can last up to 15 loads. Each disk comes in packs of two, so one purchase could last up to around 30 loads.

They come in 12 different scents; you can use dryer disks until they lose their smell.

How can I make my clothes smell good without dryer sheets?

how can i make my clothes smell good without dryer sheets

Dryer sheets for a long time made all other forms of scent-carrying products obsolete. However, many alternatives are the same as or even better than dryer sheets.

A few possible substitutions to dryer sheets include:

  • Scented paper towels
  • Wool dryer balls
  • Dryer balls with essential oils
  • Reusable dryer sheets
  • Homemade dryer sheets or combinations like vinegar and a washcloth

1. Scented paper towels

Believe it or not, paper towels scented with either perfume or essential oils are perfect to use in place of dryer sheets. Any essential oil will do, and the paper towel works exactly like dryer sheets, but remember to let them dry before throwing them in.

2. Wool dryer balls

Wool dryer balls are an excellent alternative to dryer sheets as they hold the same function and even take it another step forward in being more equipped to prevent static.

Wool dryer balls can also help your laundry dry faster, especially in dryers that don’t spin in both directions.

3. Dryer balls with essential oils

Wool dryer balls can be even better when we take a step further and add in some essential oils. Just add a few drops and wait for it to dry, and then they can be thrown in and used normally.

4. Reusable dryer sheets

Reusable dryer sheets do exist and work pretty effectively. The great thing about these is that they help reduce the large amounts of waste that regular dryer sheets produce.

They last a lot longer too!

5. Homemade dryer sheets

Making our own dryer sheets is an option too. Grab some old cloth that we do not even use anymore and toss it in an airtight glass container, then drop in some vinegar and maybe some essential oils to add in a sweet scent, and let it sit until it is needed.

6. Vinegar & washcloth

Vinegar is a natural cleaning agent used for tons of purposes, one of which is laundry. Simply get a washcloth and dampen it with vinegar before throwing it into the dryer with the load and enjoy the easy and cheap alternative.

It also doesn’t matter whether you use apple cider vinegar or white vinegar, in fact.

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