What Is A Laundry Marker And What Are They Used For?

What Is a Laundry Marker?

what is a laundry marker

Laundry markers are permanent markers that will not fade with repeated washing of various textiles.

They have many uses from labeling the inside of clothes to art projects. They’re also easy to use and are sometimes called fabric pens.

How to Use Laundry Markers

Following the instructions for the brand and laundry marker pen you choose is crucial to a flawless result. Most laundry markers work just like traditional pens and markers, without additional stipulations.

Do Laundry Markers Wash Out?

For the most part, fabric pens are permanent markers.

Some laundry markers can wash out after repeated washes, hot washes, or dry cleaning. However, there are many markers formulated to withstand these things.

You can find a laundry marker that is right for your needs.

What Are Laundry Markers Used For?

what are laundry markers used for

As I mentioned earlier, there are many uses for laundry markers. Here are a few examples of what you can do with these permanent markers:

  • Removing woven labels and replacing the sizing information with a laundry marker
  • Labeling clothes for many people
  • Art projects for kids
  • Design projects for adults
  • Marking clothing for alterations that need washing before altering
  • Marking objects permanently so they’re resistant to soap and water exposure

Are Sharpie Pens Good for Permanently Marking Clothes?

are sharpie pens good for permanently marking clothes

Sharpie pens are a good option for permanently marking clothes. The Sharpie brand sells a fine tip laundry marker and traditional tipped laundry marker. Their original formula marker is also permanent.

If you need to use a traditional Sharpie in a pinch, you can use it, but be aware that the black ink may fade over time after repeated washing.

Will a Sharpie Marker Bleed in the Wash?

Yes, unfortunately a Sharpie marker can bleed in the wash. This is one reason why you must use a Sharpie branded marker designed to be a laundry marker or other laundry marker brand with washing specifications.

The best way to prevent this is to wash the garment before using the Sharpie on the cloth. Next, allow the Sharpie design to dry fully before washing again.

Is There a Permanent Marker for Fabric?

There are plenty of permanent markers for fabric. You can use these markers formulated to withstand heavy and frequent washing on textiles of many kinds including synthetic fabrics.

Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions

Let’s go over a few frequently asked questions about laundry markers and Sharpies.

How much does a laundry marker cost?

Laundry markers are inexpensive. The price depends on the brand and its intended use.

For example, markers for kids’ art projects are typically less than $10 for a box. Permanent fabric markers for adult use could be around $5 for one wide-tipped marker.

Either way, you can find what you need for under $10.

Are there alternatives to laundry markers?

Laundry markers are the best way to get a fine-tipped and precise line on your fabrics. However, you can use fabric paints or dyes to get the same effect.

The quickest and easiest solution is a laundry marker.

Is there a difference between a laundry marker and a Sharpie?

There are slight differences in formulation between a traditional Sharpie marker and a laundry marker. On the other hand, they’re both permanent and will likely stay on your clothes through many washes and wears.

If your goal is to have a deep coloring that does not fade, use a laundry marker or fabric pen.

The Sharpie is not necessarily formulated to be permanent on clothing, so it can wash out over time. Laundry markers have a formula that stays rich in their coloring and does not bleed in the wash.

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