Can Converse Shoes Go In The Dryer?

Learn now just about how to safely dry your Converse shoes but also a ton of other tips on cleaning and caring for them. Read on to learn more!

Can Converse shoes go in the dryer?

can converse shoes go in the dryer

Unfortunately, Converse doesn’t recommend putting any of the brand’s shoes in a dryer, whether classic sneakers or weatherproof boots. Instead, you would do best to let your Converse dry naturally or with some aid from paper towels or a fan.

You also should not subject your Converse to heat from blow dryers or space heaters to maintain the shoe’s form and material quality, especially if you own a pair of Converse leather shoes.

How do you dry Converse safely?

how do you dry converse safely

Instead of trying to dry your Converse with heat, you can air dry, hang the shoes near a fan, or wrap them up with paper.

1. Air drying

When air drying your Converse, you would do best to pick a cool or room temperature space with plenty of natural light. The sneakers might grow mold if you leave your wet shoes to air dry in a dark, warm area.

Similarly, you’ll want to elevate the shoes to help air circulate through them and dry them faster. However, before leaving them to air dry, you’ll want to stuff them with newspaper to ensure they dry in the correct shape.

2. Hanging shoes near a fan

If you want your shoes to dry faster than leaving them to air dry, you can stick a fan near their hanging spot to help speed up the process. Make sure you set the fan to run at the highest setting and let the drying process run its course, which typically takes between one and two hours.

3. Wrapping with paper

Wrapping your Converse with paper will help absorb moisture to speed up the drying process. If you choose this method, you should check and replace the paper often, including the paper you insert in the shoes, so that the moisture doesn’t sit and stew.

4. How long does it take Converse to dry?

Drying duration varies depending on the shoe and your preferred drying method. For example, leather shoes should dry for 24 to 48 hours, while canvas shoes only need to dry for about one day. If you place your canvas shoes near a fan to dry, you might expect that duration to shrink a bit.

However, drying times also depend on how wet the shoes get. If you thoroughly soak through the shoe, then you can expect a lengthier wait.

Can you machine wash Converse sneakers?

can you machine wash converse sneakers

So, how should you clean Converse shoes? Much like Converse’s recommendation to avoid the dryer, you should also avoid using a washing machine. The machine can warp the material, and the chemicals from laundry detergent can ultimately ruin the shoes. Instead, you would do best to hand wash your shoes with some mild soap and lukewarm water.

You can dab a bit of water on the shoe’s surface, get a little bit of mild soap on a cloth, and rub gently to remove any dirt. Then, use some more water to wash away the soap residue.

Can you wash shoelaces in the washing machine?

can you wash shoelaces in the washing machine

Unlike shoes, you can toss shoelaces in the washing machine if they are a compatible material, such as cotton, polyester, or nylon. But, you might not want to stick them in the dryer aftward because the plastic aglets might melt or warp, causing the shoelace ends to fray.

How do you clean white Converse without a washing machine?

how do you clean white converse without a washing machine

Since white Converse shoes show dirt and scuff marks more than colored shoes, you might think that it’d be an easy solution to toss them in the washing machine.

However, to get a more thorough clean and protect the integrity of the shoes, you should hand wash your white converse instead. To do so, you’ll use the same method as you would for a colored Converse sneaker, except trade the lukewarm water for warm water since it can penetrate the canvas better.

Can you bleach Converse?

Using bleach is one of the most convenient stain removers for white shoes, and, fortunately, you can use the chemical on Converse.

  • First you’ll want to move to an open space with plenty of airflow to keep the bleach fumes from harming you. Then, it would help if you went over the shoes with some soap and water first to remove any initial debris.
  • Next, grab a large bucket or portable tub and stick your white Converse shoes in face down. Once you’ve got the shoes set, you can grab some bleach and equal parts water and pour them over the shoes until they are submerged entirely for an even bleaching.
  • Finally, you can let the shoes stew for at least eight hours before removing them from the tub. Then, if you want, you can let the shoes sit overnight, throughout the whole day, or an entire afternoon since adding a few more hours onto the bleaching time won’t harm the shoes. (Use a timer to help you keep track of the time)
  • When the timer dings you can remove the shoes and rinse them in warm water.

To help remove stains further, you can use a small brush or cloth to rub into the fabric while you rinse the shoes.

Can I use baking soda to clean my Converse shoes?

If you don’t feel comfortable using bleach on your white Converse shoes, you can use baking soda instead. You’ll want to use equal parts baking soda and laundry detergent to create a runny paste.

You can then paint the paste on the shoes and let it soak into the fabric for about half an hour. After letting the baking soda sit, you can hand wash the shoes as previously described to remove stains and baking soda residue.

How do you get smells out of Converse shoes?

how do you get smells out of converse shoes

Washing Converse will help eliminate any lingering smells, but you would do best to focus on the inner sole for the best results. More specifically, when washing your Converse, remove the inner sole and lace beforehand to wash separately.

Then, gently scrub the sole with warm water, mild soap or scented detergent, and a brush.

Let the sole dry completely, preferably overnight, before inserting it back into the shoe. Then, you can enjoy your pleasant-smelling Converse.

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