How To Clean A Braided Rug At Home – Rug Cleaning Help!

Nothing can add a warm touch to any room like a braided rug, especially if they are beloved mementos from our families. However, caring for them does take a little bit of tender love and care.

Here are some practical tips you can use to make your braided rugs last for years to come!

How Do You Clean A Braided Rug?

how do you clean a braided rug

If you own a braided wool rug, you can get it clean in a few easy steps.

No matter how clean you keep the inside of your home, your braided rug still gets dirty or dusty.

  • Shake off the excess dirt. You can either hang it on a strong clothesline and hit it a few times with a broom or shake it with force by hand to remove embedded dirt.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner on both sides of your braided wool rug. Use your garage or kitchen floor if you don’t have access to an outdoor area.
  • Combine cold water and a soft cleaning solution. Gather a large bucket and fill it with cool water and a gentle cleaning detergent.
  • Gently scrub the braided wool rug with a sponge. Make sure you don’t soak your braided rug when scrubbing because wool is very absorbent, which means it takes longer to dry.
  • Use a clean, moist sponge to pick up dirt. Dab away any leftover detergent with a clean sponge. You can then use paper towels to pick up the extra moisture.
  • Hang your braided rug up to dry. As already stated, braided wool rugs are quite absorbent, so you can hang them up to dry faster. Air drying also helps keep rugs fluffy.

Can You Wash A Braided Rug In The Washing Machine?

can you wash a braided rug in the washing machine

One of the most confusing parts of owning a braided rug is how to best get them clean. Another major concern for owners is knowing whether or not braided rugs can be washed with the washing machine.

Are braided rugs machine washable? The short answer is: sometimes.

Whether or not you can put a braided rug in your washing machine depends solely on the material it is made out of.

It is generally safe to put braided rugs made out of either cotton or synthetic material in a washing machine. Some examples can include:

  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Polypropene
  • Olefin

Braided rugs comprised of natural materials are not recommended for a washing machine. Examples of these materials can include:

  • Wool
  • animal furs
  • seagrass
  • jute

How To Wash Braided Rugs

how to wash braided rugs

Here are some useful tips you can use for machine washable braided rugs and ones you need to clean manually.

If you have a braided rug that is machine washable, check first for loose stitching. Always wash in cool water and tumble dry on a low setting.

Large rugs that can’t go into a washing machine can be placed on a concrete floor. Use a carpet cleaning solution and use the steps mentioned above to scrub and dry gently.

If stains are in your natural fiber rugs, scrub gently with a soft brush and rinse with a wet sponge. You can blot dry with a towel, and ensure it is completely dry because water can damage these types of rugs.

Talcum powder works well with animal fur braided rugs, but let it sit for a few hours. Brush it through the rug, shake it out repeatedly, and wipe clean with a cotton rag.

How To Clean An Area Rug With A Carpet Cleaner

how to clean an area rug with a carpet cleaner

Area rugs can be cleaned with a carpet cleaner using the following steps, and it’s wise to invest in a durable one that will clean your rug thoroughly. 

  • Vacuum both sides of your area rug adequately with a vacuum. If you have the rug on a hardwood surface, place a waterproof material underneath it to prevent damage to your floors.
  • Follow the instructions on your carpet cleaning machine closely to ensure you’ve placed the correct amount of soap and water inside. Remember, too much soap will ruin your area rug.
  • It’s best to start at one end of the rug and work in a smooth, straight line. Work in a backward direction to avoid stepping on parts of the rug that have already been cleaned.
  • When you’re finished cleaning an area rug with a carpet cleaner, you can hang it up to dry or use fans to dry it faster. Once one side is dried, flip it over so the other side can dry as well.

Can You Power Wash A Rug?

can you power wash a rug

Using a power washer to clean your rug is not recommended for natural fibers (i.e., wool, cotton, animal furs, etc.). If you have a synthetic material, it’s a good idea to test a small section to see if colors bleed.

Power washing a rug should be done with cold water on a flat surface outside like your driveway. Power wash in small, straight lines, and push the dirt to the outer edges.

Make sure the rug is completely clean before allowing it to dry.

Helpful Hints For Cleaning Different Rug Materials

helpful hints for cleaning different rug materials

  • Always use a neutral detergent for wool and cotton rugs and never rub it dry. Blot instead so you don’t ruin the material.
  • Never use laundry detergent on a natural rug material.
  • Synthetic rugs can be placed in a washing machine, but use a gentle detergent.
  • Liquid spills should have both sides of the rug dried.
  • Color stains can be sprinkled with baking soda. Let the powder sit for 15 minutes and then vacuum.

One of the best tips to remember for cleaning any braided rug at home is to dry thoroughly and quickly. Failing to do so will result in damage to your rug or leaving an odor behind.

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