How To Clean A Faux Fur Rug

When it comes time to clean a faux fur rug, it’s important to take great care so that you don’t ruin the fluff. After all, that’s the best part of a faux fur rug! Check out these simple tips on how to clean a faux fur rug below.

Gentle Hand Washing

One of your best bets to cleaning a faux fur rug without damaging it is giving it a gentle hand washing. While this method will be a little more time-consuming, it’s worth it — especially for expensive rugs.

The best way to hand wash a faux fur rug is with cold water and either a mild laundry soap or light detergent. You can also purchase a rug detergent powder, which will likely do the trick but may cost a tad bit more.

For tough stains, try sprinkling baking soda on first.

Fill a large tub with cool or lukewarm water. Your bathtub would work great, especially if you’re dealing with a larger rug. Mix in your detergent. Take a white rag or a sponge and dip it in soapy water before spot treating your rug gently, without harsh scrubbing.

After spot treating, dip the rug briefly into the water. The detergent will do its job to remove any dirt and grime, but you can also help by rubbing two portions of the rug together where there are stains.

Rinse gently but thoroughly with clean water until all the suds are gone.

Air Drying

The best way to dry your rug after hand washing is to air dry it. Not only is heat bad for faux fur, but a tumble through the washing machine can damage the rug’s fibers. The worst part is you’ll end up with a tangled mess and a ruined rug.

Instead, you can lay your rug on any flat surface to let it dry. Aiming a fan at the rug can help speed up the drying process. You can also hang it outside to dry. Just be aware of any direct sunlight that could fade a colored rug.

Shake and Brush

You should shake and brush your rug both before and after the cleaning process.

Before you clean your rug, shake it out to remove excess dirt and debris. Use a small brush (a clean pet brush works well) to gently untangle any knots or snags.

After you have washed your rugs and it’s completely dry, you can shake and brush it again to restore its original fluffy texture. Shake the rug out first to fluff it up, then brush through it to untangle any remaining knots and bring life back to the texture.

Can You Get a Faux Fur Rug Dry Cleaned?


Yes, you can get a faux fur rug dry cleaned. In fact, most fur and faux fur items will have the words “dry clean only” on their tags from the manufacturers. While it’s possible to clean faux fur yourself at home, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

Can Faux Fur Be Washed?


The best way to wash faux fur is by hand. It’s not a good idea to wash faux fur in the washing machine, but it is possible with the right steps.

You should only wash faux fur with a natural soap. Set your washing machine to cold water only and put it on the gentlest washing cycle. Never use any kind of bleach or fabric softener.

It’s best to wash your faux fur items alone, but if you do wash them with other items, be sure to stick to only fur items or towels.

How To Restore a Matted Faux Sheepskin Rug


You can restore a matted faux sheepskin rug in the same way that you would with any kind of faux fur rug. Using the method above, be sure to shake and brush, hand wash, and air dry the rug.

Sheepskin is very thick and fluffy, so the best way to comb through the matted knots is to use a sheepskin comb or a slicker-style dog brush. These brushes have long, wire bristles that are perfect for workout through seemingly impossible knots.

Shake the rug out and fluff it up with your hands after removing all of the knots and mattes.

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