How To Remove Dog Smell From A Leather Couch

How To Remove Dog Smell From a Leather Couch

how to remove dog smell from a leather couch

There are tried and true methods to clean leather furniture including a leather sofa or couch. Most of them include items you may already have at home like vinegar or baking soda.

Here are some ways to get rid of dog smell from a leather couch.

Vacuum and Wipe it Down

First, you should vacuum your couch. Make sure to get into all the nooks and crannies to remove any dog hair. If the cushions are removable, take them off and vacuum under them.

Next, you can use a damp cloth to wipe down the entire couch. Ensure you dry it completely after. Sometimes you can remove the dog smell with just these two steps, but if not don’t worry. We have more options for you.

Using White Vinegar

You can also try cleaning with white vinegar. When done right, this can neutralize pet odor. Dilute white vinegar with water in a spray bottle for a 50/50 mixture.

You can also add essential oils to give your sofa a nice scent. Just be sure they are safe for your dog.

Popular oils like peppermint and citrus oils can cause severe health issues in your dog. Always do your research before exposing your pets to essential oils.

First, do a test patch on the leather, somewhere hidden. There is a chance the leather would react badly to the vinegar. If the test goes well, continue the process.

Spray your couch with the mixture, then use paper towels to dry your couch.

Air the Couch Out Outside

If the above solutions fail and you can get your couch outside, you should try airing it out. Make sure the leather isn’t in direct sunlight, as the sun could bleach it.

Also, make sure it isn’t humid when you air your couch out because that can lead to more bad smells.

If your cushions are removable, take them off to air out too. If you can’t get your whole couch outside, it can still be beneficial if you air out the cushions.

After a day of letting the air and sun eliminate odors you can bring your couch back inside.

Using Baking Soda

Baking soda neutralizes odors because it is a pH neutralizer. In the same way it removes pungent odors from your fridge or freezer, it removes them from your couch.

Add an even layer of baking soda over the leather and let it sit overnight. In the morning, vacuum your couch. Ensure you have cleaned up all the baking soda.

Using Leather Cleaner

Lastly, you can use a cleaner made specifically for leather. Leather cleaner will remove dirt and oils and can alleviate odors. Ensure you choose a leather cleaner that works for the type of leather you have on your couch.

How Do You Get the Smell of Urine Out of a Leather Couch?

how do you get the smell of urine out of a leather couch

Dogs being messy is a part of life. Sometimes they have accidents even in very inconvenient places. If your dog pees on your couch, don’t fret.

  • First, you should soak up all the pee with a towel or paper towels. Be sure to use a patting motion and not a rubbing motion. Clean the affected area and let the cushions dry.
  • If vinegar has already worked to remove odors from your couch, you can try to remove the urine odor using it. Do a test spot if you have not used vinegar on your couch before.
  • Spray the urine spot with your vinegar mixture and let it sit for about 10 minutes before drying it. If that fails, you can try to neutralize the urine smell with baking soda.
  • There are odor removers made for pet urine and stain removers for urine stains.

What Smells Keep Dogs Off Furniture?

what smells keep dogs off furniture

The best way to keep your dog off furniture is to train them but in the meantime there are some ways you can keep your dogs off the couch in the future. This includes certain smells they don’t like.

  • Cleaning with vinegar could also do the job of keeping your dog off the furniture. Dogs often dislike the smell of vinegar and will avoid things that smell like it.
  • Vinegar is also the safest thing to use to ward off your dog because using other scents dogs dislike like citrus or alcohol can cause health issues.

Can You Use Dish Soap to Clean Your Leather Couch?

can you use dish soap to clean your leather couch

Yes, you can use dish soap to clean a leather couch if you go about it correctly. Dish soap is a great cleaner, both effective and gentle on the surfaces it is used on. You can use it on leather because of its gentle cleansing.

Dilute it with water and use it in small amounts to ensure your leather stays healthy. Condition your leather after for best results.

Avoid using dish soaps with dyes in them because that can cause discoloration on your couch. Dry the leather completely to avoid water stains.