What’s The Best Place To Put A Space Heater?

Got a heater you but aren’t sure where to use it? I know how that feels! In this article, you’ll learn more about heat placement, heat facts, and much more, too.

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Where to place a space heater

where to place a space heater

It’s vital to put a space heater in a safe location to ensure the whole room will be regulated. For best results, choose a central location in the room rather than a corner or blocked-off area.

Do not place the heater on a bed, sofa, or other plush surfaces. The heater will get very hot, and a piece of soft fabric can catch fire easily if care is not taken. Reducing the fire risk should always be the primary concern when placing a room heater. In a similar vein, avoid placing a heater too close to hanging curtains or wall tapestries.

Always keep a space heater at least three feet away from beds or other furniture used for sleeping.

The heater will be best on the floor, too. Small desk models are okay to have on elevated surfaces, but it’s best to leave them on solid ground for large heaters. Using a flat surface will reduce the risk of the heater tipping over and breaking and possibly injuring a person or pet in the process.

How to use space heaters efficiently

Placing the space heater on solid ground in an open area is the best choice for safety purposes and makes using the heater more efficient.

However, the best way to ensure the heater will work efficiently is the step before purchasing. Make sure to buy a heater that is the correct size for the room, and try to find a heater with any special features that you like.

Heaters with timers will help to keep your heating solution more efficient because the device can switch off once the room is starting to become cozy and warm. More heaters are being made with this function in mind, including small desk heaters.

Another feature that can help with efficiency is a heater that has different levels of temperature. There is no need to overheat a room or expend extra electricity when only slight heating is required. Most heaters will have a few different levels to choose from using a dial, but more expensive room heaters may have exact temperature control built-in.

However, efficiency isn’t limited to bells and whistles. There are environmental choices that can help. To increase efficiency, make sure to close any doors and windows. Shutting blinds and curtains can also help trap heat and warm up the room faster.

Make sure that other heating solutions are unplugged and turned off, too. Having central heating on, an electric blanket, or an electric fireplace shouldn’t be necessary with a properly working space heater. If the room isn’t reaching the desired temperature, start with warmer clothes and blankets before turning on another electronic device.

Can you put a space heater on a table?

can you put a space heater on a table

Not all space heaters can safely go on a table. However, smaller desk heaters are made specifically for tables and office environments. When looking to use a desk heater, there are a few important things to remember:

  • Use a stable surface like a solid table or desk. Never put the heater on a lap desk or bed.
  • When using a desk heater, make sure it is not too close to any computers or device cables.
  • Never put any liquids beside the heater.
  • Make sure the cables are tucked away where nobody will trip and fall.

If these needs are met, a desk heater can be a wonderful solution for office workers with cubicle space or students living in cold dorms. Make sure to check with management first before introducing a space heater in any shared space.

How to safely use a space heater

how to safely use a space heater

When safely using a space heater, make sure to read all of the directions before the first use. Different heaters may have spots that are hot to the touch or heat up at different speeds.

The best way to deal with an emergency is to have a solid prevention plan. Avoiding plush and unsteady surfaces is one of the best ways to maintain safety while using a space heater.

Before introducing new heating units to a room, check that the smoke detector is functional. In the event that an accident does happen, the smoke detector will provide a warning.

Keeping a fire extinguisher in any room with a space heater is another important safety step to take in an emergency.

Following these steps won’t mean overheating or electrical problems are impossible but will lessen the chance of accidents happening and allow for them to be dealt with effectively.

Can you put a space heater on the carpet?

can you put a space heater on the carpet

Space heaters can be used on carpeting. In most instances, there is no need to worry about using a space heater on different types of solid floor surfaces.

Space heaters should be raised off of the ground by legs or wheels. This will increase safety and reduce the risk of a carpet fire. If carpeting is a major concern, always read and follow the label of the specific model.

Are space heaters safe?

are space heaters safe

Space heaters are safe when handled with care. Like other technology, choosing the best place to put a space heater, taking fire prevention steps, and having an emergency plan is always key to staying safe.

Thankfully, modern space heaters are made with safety in mind. Modern heaters are elevated off the ground, have shut-off mechanisms, and can’t get too hot.

How long can space heaters be left on?

how long can space heaters be left on

Space heaters should not be left on for hours or continuously. Once the room has reached the desired temperature, it is important to turn the heater off.

Never leave a space heater on overnight. This can be dangerous, so always make sure the heater is unplugged before going to sleep.

Modern heaters might have a timer or auto-shut-off option. If staying on too long is a significant concern, consider buying a new heater with added safety features. Do not use old space heaters if their safety status is unknown.

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